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cover image of The Blackbird Season

The Blackbird Season

Kate Moretti

Alecia and Nate Winters are seen as a golden couple, but as one would expect this is not quite reality. Alecia's life is heavily consumed caring for their 5 year old autistic son while Nate enjoys a life as the town's golden boy. That is until he's accused of having an affair with an 18 year old student of his, Lucia. Lucia goes missing soon after the accusation, and Nate becomes the prime suspect. The reality of how quickly people turn on each other and the ugliness of jealousy are all too evident in this small witchy town.

cover image of The Good People

The Good People

Hannah Kent

Set in rural Ireland in 1875, Nóra Leahy is caring for her grandson, Micheál following the deaths of his parents. The trauma has caused him to lose the ability to walk and talk. The townspeople have dubbed Micheál a changeling under the control of fairies known as The Good People, and are blaming him for misfortunes taking place in town. Nóra enlists Mary to help with Micheál's care and Nance to set communicate with both The Good People and the townspeople to help set things right and protect Micheál.

cover image of The Scarred Woman

The Scarred Woman: A Department Q Novel

Jussi Adler-Olsen

Department Q handles cold cases in Copenhagen and currently Carl Mørck is looking for a connection between a recent series of hit and murders and a decade old murder. The stakes are higher than ever when investigator, Rose, disappears. On top of that, the department's funding is under threat and a documentary team is there to bash them at every turn.

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