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cover image of A Hundred Small Lessons

A Hundred Small Lessons

Ashley Hay

Elisa lived in her Brisbane, Australia home for over 60 years with her husband and children. Now she's in assisted living and hoping for the best for her home's new habitants: Lucy, Ben and their young son Tom. Hay connects the two families by sharing flashbacks from Elisa's life and providing a window into Lucy's current life. Taking a look at the shifting challenges of motherhood and the need to shake off the past and move into the future.

cover image of The City of Brass

The City of Brass

S.A. Chakraborty

Set in 18th century Cairo, Nahri has no family and is on her own. She uses her mystical foresight and healing powers to con the wealthy. She isn't a believer in the powers she claims to have, until one day when she accidentally summons the djinn warrior, Dara. She and Dara set off on a journey to the ancient city of Daevabad to seek answers from the few magical survivors the government was not able eradicate. There she learns she is the daughter of a legendary healer, and the person you are is not all created by the environment, but by heredity as well.

cover image of Future Home of the Living God

Future Home of the Living God

Louise Erdrich

Evolution seems to be reversing itself, and the fascist evangelical government is incarcerating pregnant women in hopes of increasing the number of viable births. Cedar Hawk Songmaker was raised by liberal parents who made sure she stayed connected to her Native American roots. When Cedar discovers she's pregnant she seeks refuge at her birth parents reservation. Unfortunately, nowhere proves to be safe, and she must go on the run again.

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