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cover image of A Shout in the Ruins

A Shout in the Ruins

Kevin Powers

Power's debut novel, The Yellow Birds, was a National Book Award finalist, and he's returned with another consuming tale. Spanning over 100 years and set in Virginia, this epic family saga tells the story of inhabitants of the Beauvais Plantation. One tale includes two white plantation owners in a loveless marriage and two of their slaves, Rawls and Nurse, who were in a sweeping relationship. George Seldom is the product of Nurse being raped by the white plantation owner, and after 90 years he returns to the estate.

cover image of The Favorite Sister

The Favorite Sister

Jessica Knoll

There is all kind of satirical drama happening in this thriller set around the reality show, Goal Diggers. Cast member Brett Courtney is killed and finding the killer is not cut and dry with all the tangled relationships surrounding the show.

cover image of The Glitch

The Glitch

Elisabeth Cohen

Shelley Stone was struck by lightning as a child. She thinks this unlikely act of nature has led to her picture perfect adult life. However, on the 20th anniversary of the strike, life begins to get strange. Her daughter briefly disappears and a younger version of herself seems to appear. Soon Sally is left questioning her reality and her happiness in this thrilling and offbeat read.

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