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Big Guns

Steve Israel

When a movement arises to ban handguns in America, Otis Cogsworth CEO of Cogsworth International Arms, fights back by proposing legislation to instead require every American own a gun. All the absurdity that has come to be expected in Washington, is at its hilarious peak in Big Guns. Steve Israel is a former New York congressman with a penchant for brilliant, witty, political satire.

cover image of Miss Subways

Miss Subways

David Duchovny

Golden Globe winner and New York Times bestselling author, David Duchovny, layers mythical fantasy with real life in Miss Subways. Emer lives a pretty normal life in New York City with her boyfriend, Con. At the same time she travels down parallel paths filled with natural and supernatural forces and their own love stories. All paths no matter what reality they exist in, lead back NYC in this darkly humorous tale.

cover image of The Saint of Wolves and Butchers

The Saint of Wolves and Butchers

Alex Grecian

Vigilante Nazi hunter Travis Roan, and his dog Bear, travel to Kansas to take down a horrible Nazi doctor who has found a way to continue his experiments by convincing local followers that a lightning strike has given him godlike powers. When Kansas State Trooper, Skottie Foster, pulls Roan over and he shares his story she doesn't know what to believe, but when he later calls on her to help she feels compelled to do so.

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