New Arrivals · African-American Nonfiction

January 18, 2018
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The vixen diaries

January 17, 2018
Steffans, Karrine, 1978-
New York : Grand Central Pub., 2009.
xiv, 192 pages ; 21 cm
Includes new bonus chapter material for 2008.
The hip-hop star discloses intimate details about her star-studded lifestyle, from her interactions with fellow celebrities who helped or hindered her career to rumors of her relationship with Bobby Brown.


January 15, 2018
Cross, Keef.
Greenbelt, MD : Rosarium Pub, 2015-
v. : chiefly ill. (some color) ; 26 cm

The last black unicorn

January 8, 2018
Haddish, Tiffany, 1979- author.
278 pages ; 24 cm
Invitation -- Mascots and Bar Mitzvahs: high school years -- Laugh Factory Comedy Camp -- Family and foster care -- Titus the boyfriend -- The pimp gets pimped -- Roscoe the handicapped angel -- How I got (restarted) in comedy -- Dating -- The ex-husband -- The long road to comedy success -- Tiffany's true Hollywood stories -- She ready.
Haddish grew up in one of the poorest parts of South Central Los Angeles and felt she never fit in anywhere: not in the households she rotated through in the foster care system, and certainly not the nearly all white high school she had to ride the bus an hour to attend. As an illiterate ninth grader, Tiffany did everything she could to survive-- and finally realized she had talent in an area she never would have suspected: comedy. The obstacles of sex, race, and class in her way, but she got there. Here she tells of how she was able to achieve her dreams by reveling in her pain and awkwardness, showing the world who she really is, and inspiring others through the power of laughter.

White like her : my family's story of race and racial passing

January 8, 2018
Lukasik, Gail, author.
xiii, 294 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
"As seen on Genealogy Roadshow"--Title page.
"The story of Gail Lukasik's mother's passing, Gail's struggle with the shame of her mother's choice, and her subsequent journey of self-discovery and redemption"

Madison Park : a place of hope

December 28, 2017
Motley, Eric L. (Eric Lamar), 1972- author.
304 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
The Motley boy -- Madison Park -- A proud black community -- My Motley heritage -- Everything rounded out -- Years in training -- Not my only parents -- Rabbits v. Turtles -- The D.U.K. -- Shave and a haircut -- That old-time religion -- The best "hind-catcher" in the neighborhood -- The music that would change my life -- Three queens: Rosebud, Mama, and Mayes -- The book of knowledge -- Blessed interventions -- 1,002 uses for a pie pan -- Keeping it real for me -- Steve Urkel and Boys State -- Evolution -- Beyond Madison Park, but still a part of it -- Remember, we're still in Alabama -- There's a part for every one of us to play -- Scotland -- The limits of knowledge, the unlimited nature of friendship -- "Stopping by woods on a snowy evening" -- "If you're not ready now" -- From the White House to Foggy Bottom -- "Barbara Ann" -- Paid in full -- Wherever I go.
A former special assistant to President George W. Bush chronicles his coming of age in a small Alabama community founded by freed slaves, where he learned valuable lessons about helping others, embracing faith, and fighting racial injustice.

The mother of Black Hollywood : a memoir

December 27, 2017
Lewis, Jenifer, 1957- author.
320 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
"Career overview": pages 313-320.
black-ish to greenish -- Shoulders back, titties first -- Don't tell Mama -- Dick diva -- Love versus Dreamgirls -- "Ma'am, are you a delegate?" -- A doll named "Killer" -- Hollywood not swinging -- Kinloch -- "It ain't that kind of call, motherfucker" -- Dismissing the diva -- Kicking down doors -- Jackie's back! -- Mother Courage -- On the back of a two-humped camel.
The star of "Black-ish" traces her journey from poverty to fame, sharing insights into her battles with undiagnosed mental illness and sex addiction while citing the support of loving friends and her philosophy about self-acceptance that enabled her success.

Chocolate City : a history of race and democracy in the nation's capital

December 18, 2017
Asch, Chris Myers, author.
xii, 609 pages : illustrations, map ; 24 cm
Always a Chocolate City -- Your coming is not for trade, but to invade my people and possess my country: a native American world under siege, 1608-1790 -- Of slaving blacks and democratic whites: building a capital of slavery and freedom, 1790-1815 -- Our boastings of liberty and equality are mere mockeries: confronting contradictions in the nation's capital, 1815-1836 -- Slavery must die: the turbulent end to human bondage in Washington, 1836-1862 -- Emancipate, enfranchise, educate: freedom and the hope of interracial democracy, 1862-1869 -- Incapable of self-government: the retreat from democracy, 1869-1890 -- National show town: building a modern, prosperous, and segregated capital, 1890-1912 -- There is a new Negro to be reckoned with: segregation, war, and a new spirit of black militancy, 1912-1932 -- Washington is a giant awakened: community organizing in a booming city, 1932-1945 -- Segregation does not die gradually of itself: Jim Crow's collapse, 1945-1956 -- How long? How long?: mounting frustration within the black majority, 1956-1968 -- There's gonna be flames, there's gonna be fighting, there's gonna be rebellion!: the tumult and promise of Chocolate City, 1968-1978 -- Perfect for Washington: Marion Barry and the rise and fall of Chocolate City, 1979-1994 -- Go home rich white people: Washington becomes wealthier and whiter, 1995-2010 -- That must not be true of tomorrow: history, race, and democracy in a new moment of racial flux.

Higher is waiting

December 13, 2017
Perry, Tyler, author.
xvii, 201 pages ; 20 cm
Part one: Planting the seeds. Learning God is in control ; Talking to Jesus ; Asking ; Hearing the answer ; Standing -- Part two: Nourishing the roots. Honoring ; Protecting your dreams ; Releasing the past ; Feeling worthy ; Filling the house ; Taking one step at a time ; Learning in reverse ; Discovering the gift ; Planting what you want to grow ; Separating wheat from the tares : the Parable of the Weeds ; Clipping wings ; Finding faith without a road map ; Tuning in ; Unlocking the secret of a closed door -- Part three: Branching out. Looking in the right place ; Seeing through time ; Releasing filters ; Guarding your heart ; Trusting your soul GPS ; Answering God's questions ; Showing love ; Lighting the way ; Flying through rough air ; Leaving the nest ; Breaking patterns ; Reacting to damage ; Reading my book of revelation -- Part four: Harvesting the fruit. Giving back ; Embracing life ; Paying attention ; Picturing no regrets ; Finding treasure ; Cherishing the true gift ; Seeding for growth ; Digging deeper ; Writing to a friend ; Looking ahead ; Belonging in the room ; Finding your feet off the ground ; Remembering Mamma ; Lighting up the world ; Working with intention ; Staying in the climb.
Beginning with his earliest memories of growing up a shy boy in New Orleans, Perry recalls the moments of grace and beauty in a childhood marked by brutality, deprivation, and fear. With tenderness he sketches portraits of the people who sustained him and taught him indelible lessons about integrity, trust in God, and the power of forgiveness: his aunt Mae, who cared for her grandfather, who was born a slave, and sewed quilts that told a story of generations; Mr. Butler, a blind man of remarkable dignity and elegance, who sold penny candies on a street corner; and his beloved mother, Maxine, who endured abuse, financial hardship, and the daily injustices of growing up in the Jim Crow South yet whose fierce love for her son burned bright and never dimmed. Perry writes of how he nurtured his dreams and discovered solace in nature, and of his resolute determination to reach ever higher.

As the crow flies

December 11, 2017
Gillman, Melanie, author, illustrator.
272 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 21 cm
"A queer, black teenager finds herself stranded in a dangerous and unfamiliar place: an all-white Christian youth backpacking camp"

The annotated African American folktales

December 11, 2017
New York : Liveright Publishing Corporation, a division of W. W. Norton & Company, 2018.
xcii, 651 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 27 cm
African Tales. Making sense of the world with Anansi : stories, wisdom, and contradiction -- Figuring it out : facing complications with dilemma tales -- Adding enchantment to wisdom : fairy tales work their magic -- Telling tales today : oral narratives from Africa -- Africian AmericanTales. Defiance and desire : flying Africans and magical instruments -- Fears and phobias : witches, hants, and spooks -- Speech and silence : talking skulls and singing tortoises -- Silence and passive resistance : the tar-baby story -- Kindness and treachery : slipping the trap -- Joel Chandler Harris and the Uncle Remus tales -- Folklore from the Southern Workman and the Journal of American Folklore -- Folktales from The Brownies' Book -- Zora Neale Hurston collects African American folklore -- Lessons in laughter : tales about John and Old Master -- How in the world? : pourquoi tales -- Ballads : heroes, outlaws, and monkey business -- Artists, pro and con : preacher tales -- Folkloric cousins abroad : tales from Caribbean and Latin American cultures -- Something borrowed, something blue : fairy tales -- Prefaces to collections and manifestos about collecting African American lore -- Poets and philosophers remember stories : meditations on African American lore -- Image Gallery: Tale-telling sites : at home and in common spaces -- Tale-telling sites : places of labor -- Illustrated poems by Paul Laurence Dunbar -- Joel Chandler Harris and the Uncle Remus tales.
A treasury of dozens of African-American folktales discusses their role in a broader cultural heritage, sharing such classics as the Brer Rabbit stories, the African trickster Anansi, and tales from the late nineteenth-century's "Southern Workman."

Marked, unmarked, remembered

December 11, 2017
Lichtenstein, Andrew, 1965- photographer.
ix, 181 pages : illustrations ; 22 x 23 cm
"From Wounded Knee to the Edmund Pettus Bridge, and from the Upper Big Branch mine disaster to the Trail of Tears, Marked, Unmarked, Remembered presents photographs of significant sites from US history, posing unsettling questions about the contested memory of traumatic episodes from the nation's past. Focusing especially on landscapes related to African American, Native American, and labor history, Marked, Unmarked, Remembered reveals new vistas of officially commemorated sites, sites that are neglected or obscured, and sites that serve as a gathering place for active rituals of organized memory. These powerful photographs by award-winning photojournalist Andrew Lichtenstein are interspersed with short essays by some of the leading historians of the United States. The book is introduced with substantive meditations on meaning and landscape by Alex Lichtenstein, editor of the American Historical Review, and Edward T. Linenthal, former editor of the Journal of American History. Individually, these images convey American history in new and sometimes startling ways. Taken as a whole, the volume amounts to a starkly visual reckoning with the challenges of commemorating a violent and conflictual history of subjugation and resistance that we forget at our peril."--Provided by publisher.

African-American life in Louisville

December 4, 2017
Tyler, Bruce Michael, 1948-
Charleston, SC : Arcadia, 1998.
128 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 24 cm.

African Americans in Fort Wayne : the first 200 years

December 4, 2017
Miller, Dodie Marie.
Charleston, S.C. : Arcadia, ©2000.
128 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 24 cm.

Louisville's historic Black neighborhoods

December 4, 2017
Brown, Beatrice S.
Charleston, South Carolina : Arcadia Publishing, [2012]
127 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Smoketown -- BlackHill-Old Louisville, California, Parkland -- Central business district -- Berry-Griffy towns, Petersburg, Newburg -- South Louisville and black horsemen in the Kentucky derby -- "Southeast on Third" -- Russell -- The Lincoln Institute.

An oral history of African Americans in Grant County

December 4, 2017
Charleston, SC : Arcadia Pub., [2000]
128 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.

Union County's Black soldiers and sailors of the Civil War

December 4, 2017
Washington, Ethel M.
Charleston, SC : History Press, 2011.
206 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Black life in Union County, 1857-1866 -- Union County regiments, recruitment and enlistments -- United State Colored Troops (USCT), 1862-1866 -- Sailors: United States Navy and Marine Corps -- Rahway contributions to the war effort -- Union County tribute to the sailors and sailors -- Appendix: Roster, miscellaneous state and out of state enlistments.

Washington County underground railroad

December 4, 2017
Burke, Henry Robert, 1940-
Charleston, SC : Arcadia, ©2004.
128 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm.

Madison County, Tennessee, colored marriages, 1868-1871 : W.P.A. Records.

November 30, 2017
Signal Mountain, Tennessee : Mountain Press, 2017.
110 pages ; 28 cm
Reprint. Originally published: [Washington, D.C.?] : Work's Progress Administration, [1938?].
"Historical Records Project, Official Project no. 165-44-6999."

Why the vote wasn't enough for Selma

November 22, 2017
Forner, Karlyn, 1983- author.
xvi, 350 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
Interlude 1: the Constitution of 1901 -- The world that cotton made : 1901-1916 -- Interlude 2: World War I and making the world safe for democracy -- "Our country first, then Selma" : 1917-1929 -- Interlude 3: The Great Depression -- Plowing under: 1932-1940 -- Interlude 4: Craig Air Force Base -- Becoming white-faced cows: 1941-1952 -- Interlude 5: "I like Ike" -- Segregation's last stand: 1953-1964 -- Interlude 6: 1965 -- Making the "good freedom" : 1965-1976 -- Interlude 7: Closing Craig Air Force Base -- "Last one out of Selma, turn off the lights" : 1977-1988 -- Interlude 8: Superintendent Norward Roussell and school leveling -- Two Selmas: 1989-2000 -- Interlude 9: Joe gotta go.
"In [this book] Karlyn Forner rewrites the heralded story of Selma to explain why gaining the right to vote did not bring about economic justice for African Americans in the Alabama Black Belt. Drawing on a rich array of sources, Forner illustrates how voting rights failed to offset decades of systematic disfranchisement and unequal investment in African American communities. Forner contextualizes Selma as a place, not a moment within the civil rights movement --a place where black citizens' fight for full citizenship unfolded alongside an agricultural shift from cotton farming to cattle raising, the implementation of federal divestment policies, and economic globalization. At the end of the twentieth century, Selma's celebrated political legacy looked worlds apart from the dismal economic realities of the region. Forner demonstrates that voting rights are only part of the story in the black freedom struggle and that economic justice is central to achieving full citizenship." -- Publisher's website.

A good cry : what we learn from tears and laughter

November 22, 2017
Giovanni, Nikki, author.
xi, 111 pages ; 19 cm
Autobiographical poems.
"Poet, firebrand, mother, radical, healer, and sage, Nikki Giovanni has always been celebrated for her inspired and courageous voice. For decades, she has spoken out on the sensitive issues -- race and gender, violence and inequality -- that touch our national consciousness. As energetic and insightful as ever, Nikki Giovanni now offers us an intimate and affecting look at her personal history and the hidden corners of her own heart. In A Good Cry, she takes us into her confidence, describing the joy and peril of aging and recalling the violence that permeated her parents' marriage and her childhood. She pays homage to the people who have given her life meaning and delight: her grandparents, who took her in and saved her life; the poets and thinkers who have influenced her; and the students who have surrounded her. Giovanni also celebrates her good friend, Maya Angelou, and the many years of friendship, poetry, and kitchen-table laughter they shared before Angelou's death in 2014. An essential work for our times and a moving chronicle of an artist's life. A Good Cry is another classic from the prolific and perennially relevant Nikki Giovanni."-- From publisher's description.

100 amazing facts about the Negro

November 20, 2017
Gates, Henry Louis, Jr., author.
New York : Pantheon Books, [2017]
xii, 476 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
"From one of our premier writers, scholars, and public intellectuals: a surprising, inspiring, often boldly infuriating, highly instructive and entertaining compendium of curiosities regarding African Americans. In 1934, 100 Amazing Facts About the Negro With Complete Proof: A Short Cut to the World History of the Negro was published by Joel A. Rogers, a largely self-educated black journalist and historian. Now with élan and erudition--and winning enthusiasm--Henry Louis Gates, Jr., gives us a corrective yet loving homage to Rogers's work. Relying on the latest scholarship, Gates leads us on a romp through African American history and gossip in question and answer format: Who was the first African American? What was the second Middle Passage? Did black people own slaves? Why was cotton king? Who was the first black president in North America? How much African ancestry does the average African American have? Who really invented "the talented tenth"? What were the biggest acts of betrayal within the enslaved community? Who was the first black American woman to be a self-made millionaire? For 100 questions, 100 answers, intended to shine light on the sheer complexity and diversity of being African American."--Provided by publisher.

The Jacksons legacy

November 20, 2017
319 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 28 cm
First published in the United Kingdom in 2017 by Thames & Hudson Ltd.
"From the family archives - the 50th anniversary book" -- cover.
2300 Jackson Street -- The Motown years -- An epic decision -- Victory & beyond.
A visual history of the Jacksons combines exclusive interviews, anecdotes, quotes, and previously unseen family archive photographs to trace their meteoric rise and history-making tours.

The Black Lives Matter movement

November 10, 2017
Parks, Peggy J., 1951- author.
80 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
The dangerous divide between Black citizens and police -- The formation of a movement -- The backlash -- Law enforcement accountability -- Improving policing, strengthening relationships.
This book explores the Black Lives Matter movement that was launched in 2013 to address civil rights issues against African American citizens, and its appeal for equality and fair treatment of black citizens by law enforcement and by society as a whole. It covers the divide between black citizens and the police, the formation of the movement, its detractors, law enforcement accountability, and improving policing and strengthening relationships.

Leaving children behind : black education in Covington, Kentucky

November 2, 2017
Hampton, Jeffrey.
Covington, Ky. : Kenton County Historical Society, 2011.
193 pages ; 22 cm
"While educating blacks in Kentucky had never been illegal, their schooling was a struggle due to factors of racial discrimination and an enduring poverty, rooted in the institution of slavery and continuing long after emancipation. Even in urban environments like Covington, Kentucky, where educational opportunities were more plentiful, black education lagged far behind that provided to white children due to factors such as unequal funding and inferior facilities. The benefits of Covington schools' efforts at integration have been mixed and uneven, producing material and educational improvements for black children, but also a mutual mistrust and suspicion between the city's black citizens and its school administration. It is a tragedy that in the wake of this long struggle, many black children were left behind"--Back cover.

Abolitionists of the Underground Railroad : legends from Montgomery County, Indiana

November 2, 2017
Hudson, Shannon Sullivan, author.
239 pages : illustrations, maps, portraits ; 26 cm
"Montgomery County, Indiana's history of the Underground Railroad focuses on the people involved. Documentation recounts few feats of derring--do and midnight runs through the woods in our county's past. While this book does have a few escape stories, both successful and unsuccessful, it tells more about who made their homes here after leaving lives of oppression. What is included within these pages is a story about people who, by choice, were bound together by a common purpose."--Back cover.


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