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January 19, 2018
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Bruce Lee : the authorized visual history

January 18, 2018
Kerridge, Steve, author.
224 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 29 cm
"Bruce Lee was a man of action in all aspects of his life. Before he made a name for himself in Seattle in the USA he had appeared in nearly 20 Hong Kong movies. He wrote poetry and philosophy as well as film ideas, scripts and notes on martial arts and cha-cha dancing. This book shows Bruce Lee's life in photographs, all sourced from the extensive family archives. Bruce Lee was a prolific photographer and took thousands of photographs, from time spent with family and on set to intensive training and martial arts demonstrations. This book gathers hundreds of great images, from classic, iconic poses to the extremely rare and never before published."--Back cover.

The most dangerous man in America : Timothy Leary, Richard Nixon and the hunt for the fugitive king of LSD

January 18, 2018
Minutaglio, Bill, author.
x, 384 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
In September 1970, ex-Harvard professor and 'High Priest of LSD' Dr. Timothy Leary escaped from prison with the aid of the radical Weather Underground. Spanning twenty-eight months, President Nixon's careening, global manhunt for Dr. Timothy Leary winds its way among homegrown radicals, European aristocrats, a Black Panther outpost in Algeria, an international arms dealer, hash-smuggling hippies from the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, and secret agents on four continents, culminating in one of the trippiest journeys through the American counterculture. -- Adapted from book jacket.

The art of misdiagnosis : a memoir

January 18, 2018
Brandeis, Gayle, author.
Boston : Beacon Press, [2017]
253 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
"Gayle Brandeis's mother disappeared just after Gayle gave birth to her youngest child. Several days later, her body was found: she had hanged herself in the utility closet of a Pasadena parking garage. In this searing, formally inventive memoir, Gayle describes the dissonance between being a new mother, a sweet-smelling infant at her chest, and a grieving daughter trying to piece together what happened, who her mother was, and all she had and hadn't understood about her. Around the time of her suicide, Gayle's mother had been working on a documentary about the rare illnesses she thought ravaged her family: porphyria and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. In The Art of Misdiagnosis, taking its title from her mother's documentary, Gayle braids together her own narration of the charged weeks surrounding her mother's suicide, transcripts of her mother's documentary, research into delusional and factitious disorders, and Gayle's own experience with misdiagnosis and illness (both fabricated and real). Slowly and expertly, The Art of Misdiagnosis peels back the complicated layers of deception and complicity, of physical and mental illness in Gayle's family, to show how she and her mother had misdiagnosed one another. Gayle's memoir is both a compelling search into the mystery of one's own family and a life-affirming story of the relief discovered through breaking familial and personal silences."-- Provided by publisher.

Michael Curtiz : a life in film

January 18, 2018
Rode, Alan K., 1954- author.
Lexington, Kentucky : University Press of Kentucky, [2017]
xix, 681 pages ; 24 cm.
In the first biography of Michael Curtiz, Alan K. Rode illuminates the life and work of one of the film industry's most complex figures. He begins by exploring the director's early life and career in his native Hungary, revealing how Curtiz shaped the earliest days of silent cinema in Europe as he acted in, produced, and directed scores of films before immigrating to the United States in 1926. In Hollywood, Curtiz earned a reputation for his explosive tantrums, his difficulty communicating in English, and his disregard for the well-being of others. However, few directors elicited more memorable portrayals from their casts, and ten different actors delivered Oscar-nominated performances under his direction.

"Tell it all" : the story of a life's experience in Mormonism : an autobiography

January 18, 2018
Stenhouse, T. B. H., Mrs., 1829-1904.
Hartford, Conn. : A.D. Worthington & Co. [and 4 others], 1875, ©1874.
623 pages, [2] leaves of plates : illustrations, facsimile, portraits ; 23 cm
Copy in Genealogy & Local History Dept., Cincinnati Collection is bound in original leather with leather missing from spine.
"Published by subscription only."

Biography of William Symington, civil engineer : inventor of steam locomotion by sea and land : also, a brief history of steam navigation

January 18, 2018
Rankine, J.
Falkirk : A. Johnston, Bookseller, 1862.
82 pages, 3 folded leaves of plates : illustrations ; 17 cm
Copy located in Genealogy & Local History Dept., Cincinnati Collection, shelved in Inland Rivers Library and bound in green cloth with gold lettering on spine.

Daniel E. Greene, studio and subways : an American master, his life and art

January 17, 2018
Greene, Daniel E., painter.
208 pages : color illustrations ; 31 cm
Includes index.
Cincinnati, Miami, and New York City -- Greenwich Village and Governors Island -- 33 West 67th Street -- North Salem, New York.

The vixen diaries

January 17, 2018
Steffans, Karrine, 1978-
New York : Grand Central Pub., 2009.
xiv, 192 pages ; 21 cm
Includes new bonus chapter material for 2008.
The hip-hop star discloses intimate details about her star-studded lifestyle, from her interactions with fellow celebrities who helped or hindered her career to rumors of her relationship with Bobby Brown.

Monet : itinerant of light

January 16, 2018
Rubio, Salva, 1978- author.
111 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 31 cm
"The life of the great French painter, one of the founders of Impressionism, is narrated in lush comic art reminiscent of his style. From the Salon des Refuses ("Salon of the Rejected") and many struggling years without recognition, money and yet a family to raise, all the way to great success, critically and financially, Monet pursued insistently one vision: catching the light in painting, refusing to compromise on this ethereal pursuit. It cost him dearly but he was a beacon for his contemporaries. We discover in this comics biography how he came to this vision as well as his turbulent life pursuing it."--Page 4 of cover.

Renegade : Martin Luther, the graphic biography

January 16, 2018
Palmerino, Dacia, author.
155 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 31 cm
"Based on the German edition, Martin Luther, published by Edition Faust in 2016, translated from the Italian by Nicoletta Giacon"--Title page verso.
In dark times -- The lightning bolt -- The monk in Rome -- The freedom of faith -- Money in the coffers -- Face to face with the emperor -- In hiding -- The morning star of Wittenberg -- "Their blood is on my hands" -- A beggar's farewell -- Epilogue: Augsburg, 1555 -- Cast of characters.
"The life of reformer Martin Luther in graphic novel format. Five hundred years ago a brash young monk single-handedly confronted the most powerful institutions of his day. His bold stand sparked the Protestant Reformation and marked one of the great turning points in history"

Fatal vision

January 16, 2018
McGinniss, Joe.
New York : Signet, 2012.
953 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 20 cm
"Including the 1985 afterward and the 1989 epilogue."
A documented book on a doctor in the Green Berets who was convicted of the slaying of his pregnant wife and two small daughters.

The road not taken : Edward Lansdale and the American tragedy in Vietnam

January 15, 2018
Boot, Max, 1968- author.
New York : Liveright Publishing Corporation, a division of W.W. Norton & Company, [2018]
l, 717 pages, 24 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm
Prologue: The day of the dead: Saigon, November 1-2, 1963 -- Introduction: The misunderstood man -- Ad man (1908-1945) -- Colonel Landslide (1945-1954) -- National builder (1954-1956) -- Washington warrior (1957-1963) -- Bastard child (1964-1968) -- The beaten man (1968-1987) -- Afterword: Landalism in the twenty-first century.
A biography of Edward Lansdale, the CIA operative. Boot chronicles his rise and fall as a proponent of a visionary "hearts and minds" diplomacy in Vietnam who was ultimately overruled by the American military bureaucracy, which favored bombs and troop build-ups over winning the people's trust.

Tears of salt : a doctor's story

January 15, 2018
Bartolo, Pietro, 1956- author.
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, 2018.
205 pages : map ; 22 cm
Originally published in Italian as Lacrime di sale: la mia storia quotidiana di medico di Lampedusa fra dolore e speranza by Mondadori in 2016.
Mare nostrum -- One red shoe -- There is no getting used to it -- Women on the way -- The wounds you cannot see -- Drawing lots -- An irrevocable choice -- The girl in the front row -- Risky investments -- A Fèrra -- Back to the island -- Little pieces of home -- Omar is unstoppable -- The will of the waves -- The greatest gift -- Faduma and Jerusalem -- Young Anuar's wisdom -- A blessing from heaven -- Giacomo's path -- Arms of giants -- God is not to blame -- The lengths they will go to -- When a mayor understands what world leaders cannot -- L'erba tinta un mori mai -- The off-season tourist -- Never shall I forget -- The boat cemetery -- You brought this upon yourself -- Favor with the media -- Lampedusa -- October 3, 2013 -- Children of the same sea.
"Situated more than one hundred miles off Italy's southern coast, the rocky island of Lampedusa has hit world headlines in recent years as the first port of call for hundreds of thousands of African and Middle Eastern refugees fleeing civil war and terrorism and hoping to make a new life in Europe. Dr. Pietro Bartolo, who runs the lone medical clinic on the island, has been caring for many of them--both the living and the dead--for a quarter century. Tears of Salt is Dr. Bartolo's moving account of his life and work set against one of the signal crises of our time. With quiet dignity and an unshakable moral center, he tells unforgettable tales of pain and hope, stories of those who didn't make it and those who did. Tears of Salt is a lasting work of literature and an intimate portrait of a remarkable man whose inspiring message rings clear: 'We can't and we won't be governed by our fears.'" --

Garden of the lost and abandoned : the extraordinary story of one ordinary woman and the children she saves

January 12, 2018
Yu, Jessica, author.
372 pages ; 24 cm
"The Thirsty Baby"; "New Vision"; "Trevor"; "A Tale of Two Georges"; "George the Second"; "The Children of Strangers"; "Mommy Gladys"; "Three Acres of Shade"; "The Enchanted Chapati"; "Zam"; "The Lost Smile"; "The Boy with Seven Names, Part One"; "The Boy with Seven Names, Part Two"; "The Boy with Seven Names, Part Three"; "Silver Sandals on the Yellow Line"; "The Boy with Seven Names, Part Four"; "The Boy with Seven Names, Part Five"; "The Boy with Seven Names, Part Six"; "The Boy with Seven Names, Part Seven"; "A Day at the Beach"; "House with No Roof"; "Passed Along"; "The Meat Market"; "Frozen Wings"; "Win Win"; "Yellow and Green"; "Lost Again"; "Seven Pieces of Cassava"; "Hope for the Helpless"; "Naguru".
"At least 5,000 children live on the streets of Uganda's capital city of Kampala. Some forget the names of their villages. The youngest may not know the names of their parents. But Gladys Kalibbala--part journalist, part detective, part Good Samaritan--does not hesitate to dive into difficult or even dangerous situations to aid a child. Author of a newspaper column called 'Lost and Abandoned,' she is a resource that police and others turn to when they stumble across a stranded kid with a hidden history"

Slobberknocker : my life in wrestling

January 11, 2018
Ross, Jim, 1952- author.
xviii, 332 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Part one: Before wrestling (1952-74) -- Growing up -- Watching wrestling -- Going to the matches -- Leaving home -- College -- The call -- The fundraiser -- Part two: Mid-south (1974-85) -- Start in the business -- Refereeing -- Still learning -- Behind the mic -- Not behind the mic -- Trying to stay in wrestling -- Out of the business -- Getting back in -- Back in the mid-south -- At the top table -- Changes from New York -- The greatest -- Going national -- Part three: UWF (1986-87) -- The expansion -- The decline and sale -- Part four: Crockett (1987-88) -- Crockett -- Let the games begin -- Returning home -- Last days of Crockett -- Part five: WCW (1988-93) -- Herd, Flair, and the ladies in the limo -- Booking committee -- Rotating announcers -- Steamboat and Flair -- Starrcade -- Some old faces return -- Building Sting -- Lady on a plane -- Heyman -- Changes, old and new -- Japan -- Flair leaves -- Changing of the guard -- My last days in WCW -- Part six: WWF (1993-99) -- Vince -- WCW Radio -- WrestleMania IX -- Growing pains -- Making friends -- In sickness and in health -- In and out -- Vince and good ol' JR -- The new and the old -- Market research -- Back to announcing -- Changing roles -- The "JJ role" -- Talent -- The black hat -- So long, Dad -- Sitting down with Foley -- Pillman -- Montreal -- A little more attitude -- Hell in a cell -- 2nd attack -- Coming home.
How did an Oklahoma farm kid with a vivid imagination and seemingly unattainable dreams became "The Voice of Wrestling" to millions of fans around the world? Ross became obsessed with professional wrestling having first saw it on his grandparent’s TV. Over the years he held almost every job in the business. He's also recognized as the man who built and nurtured a once-in-a-generation talent roster that took the WWE to new heights. Readers will finally get the opportunity to hear never-before-told stories about the politics, wackiness, and personalities of all the biggest stars; about overcoming adversity and achieving your dreams.

I hear she's a real bitch

January 11, 2018
Agg, Jen, 1975- author.
New York, New York : Penguin Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, 2017.
355 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
Service hums -- F and B in harmony -- Trees in Scarborough -- Kid stuff -- Teen dreams -- Magic shows -- Naive girl builds bar, kicks out husband -- Roland -- Big ideas, big reals -- Hoof goes boom -- Hoof Grant happy sad -- Raw freedom -- On getting a bad review -- Building blocks -- Shouting to be heard -- Rhum comes -- Fired up for Montreal -- Fucking the patriarchy -- Basically... -- Grey Gardens, blue skies -- Glossary.
""A terrific, beautifully written, frank, and funny memoir, and a compelling argument for pulling down the long outdated system of 'bro' culture that has dominated the industry since what feels like the beginning of time." --Anthony Bourdain From the moment she opened her first bar, Jen Agg knew she could only be her own boss from then on. I Hear She's a Real Bitch tells the story of how she fought her way through the patriarichal service industry and made it happen, from getting her first job pouring drinks all the way to starting Toronto's culinary revival and running some of Canada's most famous restaurants. And she shares what she learned through years of hard work and learning from her mistakes: how to run a great restaurant that's also a great business. Readers that loved Gabrielle Hamilton's bestselling Blood, Bones, and Butter will devour this raw, uninhibited debut. Studded with Agg's frank and often hilarious observations on an industry in which sexism has been normalized, I Hear She's a Real Bitch is more than just a story about starting a restaurant: it is a rallying cry for a feminist revolution in the culinary world"-- Provided by publisher.

Sense of occasion

January 11, 2018
Prince, Harold, 1928- author.
xiii, 343 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
Includes index.
"In this fast-moving, candid, conversational, and entertaining memoir, Harold Prince, the most honored director in the history of the American theater (22 Tony Awards and counting), looks back over his 70-year (and counting!) career. Featuring original material from Contradictions: Notes on Twenty-Six Years in the Theatre, Prince provides a fresh, new perspective on his writing from the vantage point of today. Sense of Occasion gives an insider's recollection of the making of such landmark musicals as West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof, Cabaret, Company, Follies, Sweeney Todd, Evita, and Phantom of the Opera, with Prince's perceptive comments about his mentor George Abbott and his many celebrated collaborators, including Leonard Bernstein, Jerome Robbins, Stephen Sondheim, John Kander, Boris Aronson, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Angela Lansbury, Elizabeth Taylor, Zero Mostel, Carol Burnett, and Joel Grey. As well as detailing his titanic successes that changed the form and content of the American musical theater, Prince even-handedly reflects on the shows that didn't work, most memorably and painfully Merrily We Roll Along . Throughout, he offers insights into the way business is conducted on Broadway, drawing sharp contrasts between past and present. This thoughtful, complete account of one of the most legendary and long-lived careers in theater history, written by the man who lived it, is an essential work of personal and professional recollection." -- provided by publisher.

Street art : famous artists talk about their vision

January 11, 2018
Mattanza, Alessandra, author
254 pages : color illustrations, portraits ; 31 cm
Translation and Editing : Iceigeo, Milan (translation : Jonathan West, Emma Jane Williams, Brenda Dionisi, Katherine M. Clifton ; editing: Joshua Burkholder, Paola Paudice).
"The 20 greatest street artists reveal the little secrets behind their great adventure. Unique interviews accompanied by the artists' most celebrated works."--Back cover.
Contents : Traveling the world in pursuit of graffiti and street art -- Introduction by Chris Versteeg -- Aryz -- Banksy -- Philippe Baudelocque -- Becca -- C215 -- David Choe -- Ben Eine -- El Mac -- Evol -- Shepard Fairey -- Fauxreel -- Interesni Kazki, AEC -- M-City -- Nunca -- ROA -- Slinkachu -- Specter -- Swoon -- Alex Vau -- Vhils.
In the last few decades, art has moved from museums, collections, and art galleries to the streets to take over the city. Visionary artists, gifted with breath-taking expressiveness, have converted the spaces where everyday life takes place - which are often featureless and abandoned - to a new palette, in a new way of expressing their ideas. Once again, art breaks the mold and speaks directly to the audience, without intermediary channels or filters. Social themes, political criticism, and poetry materialize on a bridge, on the facade of an old building, between the railings of a courtyard. This volume leads us to discover the phenomenon of street art and includes an introduction by Chris Versteeg, an expert in this and in graphic design. Here he inquires into the origins and sources of inspiration for this form of contemporary art, and presents the main groupings within it. Twenty of the greatest figures on the current world street art scene, from Banksy to Shepard Fairey, from Vhils to Alex Vau, will then take the floor, thanks to the interviews by Alessandra Mattanza, a multifaceted and talented journalist who is an expert in contemporary art. The artists will thus directly relate their stories to the readers, introducing them to the rational and ideas inspiring them, and enabling them to live directly the creative process leading to the forming of the final message. -- front insert

This is the place : women writing about home

January 11, 2018
New York, NY : Seal Press, 2017.
xiii, 317 pages ; 21 cm
Here / Kate Lebo -- Away from dangerous things / Desiree Cooper -- Family business / Jane Wong -- Freeing Thanksgiving from my family / Jennifer Finney Boylan -- Broken home / Debra Gwartney -- On moving home / Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum -- Between my teeth / Naomi Jackson -- Allá en la fuente / Lina Maria Ferreira Cabeza-Vanegas -- Home in four acts / Akiko Busch -- Plane crash theory / Dani Shapiro.

A world ablaze : the rise of Martin Luther and the birth of the Reformation

January 11, 2018
Harline, Craig, author.
300 pages : illustrations, portraits, facsimiles, maps ; 24 cm
A word before -- Curtain up: a Hebrew-reading knight -- Theses, theses everywhere -- A most vehement papist -- To heaven in a bathing cap -- Not exactly ivory towers -- The lion stirs -- The rose of gold -- Cooked goose -- Wild boar -- Little flea -- Bonfire of inanities -- God help me -- No more hours -- Curtain down: a new habit -- A word after.
"October 2017 marks five hundred years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg and launched the Protestant Reformation. At least, that's what the legend says. But with a figure like Martin Luther, who looms so large in the historical imagination, it's hard to separate the legend from the life, or even sometimes to separate assorted legends from each other. Over the centuries, Luther the man has given way to Luther the icon, a polished bronze figure on a pedestal. In A World Ablaze, Craig Harline introduces us to the flesh-and-blood Martin Luther. Harline tells the riveting story of the first crucial years of the accidental crusade that would make Luther a legendary figure. He didn't start out that way; Luther was a sometimes-cranky friar and professor who worried endlessly about the fate of his eternal soul. He sought answers in the Bible and the Church fathers, and what he found distressed him even more -- the way many in the Church had come to understand salvation was profoundly wrong, thought Luther, putting millions of souls, not least his own, at risk of damnation. His ideas would pit him against numerous scholars, priests, bishops, princes, and the Pope, even as others adopted or adapted his cause, ultimately dividing the Church against itself. A World Ablaze is a tale not just of religious debate but of political intrigue, of shifting alliances and daring escapes, with Luther often narrowly avoiding capture, which might have led to execution. The conflict would eventually encompass the whole of Christendom and served as the crucible in which a new world was forged. The Luther we find in these pages is not a statue to be admired but a complex figure -- brilliant and volatile, fretful and self-righteous, curious and stubborn. Harline brings out the immediacy, uncertainty, and drama of his story, giving readers a sense of what it felt like in the moment, when the ending was still very much in doubt. The result is a masterful recreation of a momentous turning point in the history of the world." -- Publisher's description.

You ain't heard nothin' yet : interviews with stars from Hollywood's golden era

January 11, 2018
Bawden, James, interviewer, editor.
Lexington, Kentucky : University Press of Kentucky, [2017]
415 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes index.
Introduction : How to talk to a movie star -- A comedy giant. Buster Keaton -- The leading men. Anthony Dexter ; Henry Fonda ; Victor Mature ; Walter Pidgeon ; Robert Preston ; James Stewart ; Cornel Wilde ; Robert Young -- The leading ladies. Bette Davis ; Yvonne De Carlo ; Janet Leigh ; Joan Leslie ; Patricia Neal ; Maureen O'Sullivan ; Jane Russell ; Jean Simmons ; Alexis Smith ; Elizabeth Taylor : my seven minutes alone with Elizabeth Taylor ; Esther Williams ; Jane Wyatt -- Child stars and how they grew. Bonita Granville ; Johnny Sheffield ; Anne Shirley -- Famous monsters of filmland. John Carradine ; Lon Chaney Jr. ; Boris Karloff ; Anthony Perkins ; Vincent Price -- Unforgettable heavies. Ernest Borgnine ; Victor Buono ; Jack Elam ; Lee Marvin -- Great character actors. Richard Farnsworth ; Hurd Hatfield ; John Houseman ; Raymond Massey ; Reginald Owen ; Jay Robinson ; Rod Steiger.
Journalists James Bawden and Ron Miller spent their careers interviewing the greatest stars of Hollywood's golden age. They visited Lee Marvin at home and politely admired his fishing trophies, chatted with Janet Leigh while a young Jamie Lee Curtis played, and even made Elizabeth Taylor laugh out loud. In You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet, Bawden and Miller return with a new collection of rare interviews with iconic film stars including Henry Fonda, Esther Williams, Buster Keaton, Maureen O'Sullivan, Walter Pidgeon, and many more. The book is filled with humorous anecdotes and incredible behind-the-scenes stories. For instance, Bette Davis reflects that she and Katharine Hepburn were both considered for the role of Scarlett O'Hara but neither was "gorgeous enough" for the part; Janet Leigh analyzes the famous shower scene in Psycho (1960), which was shot in seven days and gave the actress nightmares for years; and Jimmy Stewart describes Alfred Hitchcock as a "strange, roly-poly man, interested only in blondes and murder." Popular horror film stars from Lon Chaney Jr. to Boris Karloff and Vincent Price are also featured in a special "movie monsters" section. With first-person accounts of Hollywood life from some of the most distinguished luminaries in the history of American cinema, this entertaining book will delight classic movie fans.

Magritte : this is not a biography

January 10, 2018
Zabus, Vincent, 1971- author.
64 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 27 cm.
After donning a bowler hat that once belonged to René Magritte, a man unwittingly enters the artist's off-kilter world. He must uncover the secrets of Magritte's life and work or be doomed to wear the hat forever.

The education of Eva Moskowitz : a memoir

January 10, 2018
Moskowitz, Eva S., author.
viii, 381 pages ; 24 cm.
Eva Moskowitz, the outspoken founder and CEO of the charter school Success Academy, has battled to reform America's education system. In this memoir, Moskowitz tells of how she became a forward-thinking education entrepreneur and her fight to establish nearly three dozen schools--activism that has made her into one of the most polarizing figures in New York City and beyond. Now, having established a remarkable, even unprecedented, track record for guiding the city's most disadvantaged children to high academic performance, Moskowitz addresses the battles she has won and lost, writing candidly about the people who seek to undermine her work--most notably New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio--and celebrating the powerful allies who have aided her cause, including former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Hiking naked : a Quaker woman's search for balance

January 10, 2018
Graville, Iris, author.
Pawcatuck, CT : Homebound Publications, 2017.
239 pages : map ; 22 cm
"Knocked off her feet after twenty years in public health nursing, Iris Graville quit her job and convinced her husband and their thirteen-year-old twins to move to Stahekin, a remote mountain village in Washington State's North Cascades. They sought adventure; she yearned for the solitude of this community of eighty-five residents accessible only by boat, float plane, or hiking. "Hiking Naked" chronicles Graville's journey through questions about work and calling as well as how she coped with ordering groceries by mail, black bears outside her kitchen window, a forest fire that threatened the valley, and a flood that left the family stranded for three days."--back cover


January 10, 2018
Gurba, Myriam, author.
Minneapolis, MN : Coffee House Press, 2017.
175 pages ; 21 cm
"An Emily Books original."
"Myriam Gurba's debut is the bold and hilarious tale of her coming of age as a queer, mixed-race Chicana. Blending radical formal fluidity and caustic humor, Mean turns what might be tragic into piercing, revealing comedy. This is a confident, funny, brassy book that takes the cost of sexual assault, racism, misogyny, and homophobia deadly seriously. We act mean to defend ourselves from boredom and from those who would cut off our breasts. We act mean to defend our clubs and institutions. We act mean because we like to laugh. Being mean to boys is fun and a second-wave feminist duty. Being mean to men who deserve it is a holy mission. Sisterhood is powerful, but being mean is more exhilarating. Being mean isn't for everybody. Being mean is best practiced by those who understand it as an art form. These virtuosos live closer to the divine than the rest of humanity. They're queers. Myriam Gurba is a queer spoken-word performer, visual artist, and writer from Santa Maria, California. She's the author of Dahlia Season (2007, Manic D) which was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award, Wish You Were Me (2011, Future Tense Books), and Painting Their Portraits in Winter (2015, Manic D). She has toured with Sister Spit and her work has been exhibited at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach. She lives in Long Beach, where she teaches social studies to eighth-graders"-- Provided by publisher.

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