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April 19, 2018
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Futureface : a family mystery, an epic quest, and the secret to belonging

April 18, 2018
Wagner, Alex, author.
New York : Oneworld, [2018]
xii, 338 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"An acclaimed journalist travels the globe to solve the mystery of her ancestry, confronting the question at the heart of the American experience of immigration, race, and identity: Who are my people? Alex Wagner has always been fascinated by stories of exile and migration. Her father's ancestors immigrated to the United States from Ireland and Luxembourg. Her mother fled Rangoon in the 1960s, escaping Burma's military dictatorship. In her professional life, Wagner reported from the Arizona-Mexico border, where agents, drones, cameras, and military hardware guarded the line between two nations. She listened to debates about whether the United States should be a melting pot or a salad bowl. She knew that moving from one land to another--and the accompanying recombination of individual and tribal identities--was the story of America. And she was happy that her own mixed-race ancestry and late twentieth-century education had taught her that identity is mutable and meaningless, a thing we make rather than a thing we are. When a cousin's offhand comment threw a mystery into her personal story--introducing the possibility of an exciting new twist in her already complex family history--Wagner was suddenly awakened to her own deep hunger to be something, to belong, to have an identity that mattered, a tribe of her own. Intoxicated by the possibility, she became determined to investigate her genealogy. So she set off on a quest to find the truth about her family history. The journey takes Wagner from Burma to Luxembourg, from ruined colonial capitals with records written on banana leaves to Mormon databases and high-tech genetic labs. As she gets closer to solving the mystery of her own ancestry, she begins to grapple with a deeper question: Does it matter? Is our enduring obsession with blood and land, race and identity, worth all the trouble it's caused us? The answers can be found in this deeply personal account of her search for belonging, a meditation on the things that define us as insiders and outsiders and make us think in terms of "us" and "them." In this time of conflict over who we are as a country, when so much emphasis is placed on ethnic, religious, and national divisions, Futureface constructs a narrative where we all belong."--provided by publisher.

First county court minutes of Lincoln County, Tennessee : by Helen C. and Timothy R. Marsh.

April 16, 2018
Marsh, Helen Crawford.
Easley, S.C. : Southern Historical Press, c1989-< >.
v.<1-2> : maps ; 23 cm.
Includes index.

Tracing history through title deeds : a guide for family and local historians

April 16, 2018
Alcock, N. W. (Nathaniel Warren), author.
xii, 217 pages : illustrations, plans ; 24 cm.
Introduction: Deeds as history -- Why. Deeds for people -- Post-medieval evidence -- Medieval evidence -- People in the community -- People in copyhold deeds and manor court rolls -- Deeds for places and for houses -- Land -- Houses -- Large-scale studies of deeds -- Where. What to look ofr -- The local historian's objectives -- The family historian's objectives -- Where to look. Local collections -- Out-county records -- National collections -- The National Archives -- Enrolled and registered deeds -- Private copies of deeds -- The Land Registry -- Deeds in private hands -- Dispersed deeds -- On the trail -- How. Tenure -- Post-medieval deeds -- Medieval deeds -- Appendix I: Flowchart to identify deed types -- Appendix 2: Sample deed record sheet -- Appendix 3: Post-medieval letter forms -- Appendix 4: Texts of typical deeds.
"Property title deeds are perhaps the most numerous sources of historical evidence but also one of the most neglected. While the information any one deed contains can often be reduced to a few lines, it can be of critical importance for family and local historians. Nat Alcock's handbook aims to help the growing army of enthusiastic researchers to use the evidence of these documents, without burying them in legal technicalities. It also reveals how fascinating and rewarding they can be once their history, language and purpose are understood. A sequence of concise, accessible chapters explains why they are so useful, where they can be found and how the evidence they provide can be extracted and applied. Family historians will find they reveal family, social and financial relationships and local historians can discover from them so much about land ownership, field and place names, the history of buildings and the expansion of towns and cities. They also bring our ancestors into view in the fullness of life, not just at birth, marriage and death, and provide more rounded pictures of the members of a family tree." --

War of 1812 soldiers of Maury County, Tennessee

April 13, 2018
Garrett, Jill Knight.
Greenville, S.C. : Southern Historical Press, 2006.
219 pages : maps ; 21 cm
Originally published Columbia, Tenn., 1976.
Includes index.
War of 1812 soldiers of Maury County -- Addenda.
Tennessee became known as "The Volunteer State" during the War of 1812, and Maury County's contribution might be considered typical of the time. Ten companies were formed in the county. This book contains the names of 1,335 soldiers and patriots from the county, 58 of whom died or were killed in service.

DeKalb County, Tennessee, Chancery Court records, 1844-1892

April 13, 2018
Partlow, Thomas E.
Greenville, S.C. : Southern Historical Press, ©2001.
158 pages ; 21 cm
Includes indexes.

Green County, Kentucky abstracts of deed books

April 12, 2018
Wright, Barbara.
Utica, KY : McDowell Pub., c1989-
v. ; 28 cm.
Includes indexes.
Erratum inserted.
[v. 1] Bks 1 & 2, 1793-1801 -- [v. 2] Bks 3 & 4, 1801-1806 -- [v. 3] Bks 5 & 6, 1806-1814 -- [v. 4] Bk 7, 1814-1817 -- [v. 5] Bk 8, 1817-1820 -- [v. 6] 1819-1821 -- [v. 7] Bk 11, 1823-1825 --

County Court Records ... Floyd County, Kentucky

April 11, 2018
Williams, James Alan.
Morrisville, N.C. : Lulu Press, ©2006.
10 volumes : illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes indexes.
v. 1. 1821-1835 -- v. 2. 1835-1847 -- v. 3. 1856-1860 with early church map -- v. 4. 1865-1873 -- v. 5. 1873-1880 -- v. 6. 1880-1885 -- v. 7. 1885-1889 -- v. 8. 1889-1984 -- v. 9. 1894-1897 -- v. 10. 1897-1901 with apprenticeship bonds 1856-1916.

Obituaries from the Greensburg record-herald ...

April 10, 2018
Froggett, Judy, compiler.
volumes ; 28 cm
Includes index.
[v. 1]. 1936-1948 -- [v. 2]. 1949-1959.

Siefferman update

April 10, 2018
Harper, Lois.
[Place of publication not identified] : Lois Lee Harper, ©1990.
57 leaves : illustrations ; 28 cm

John Frederick Krämer & Elizabeth Albers

April 10, 2018
Muhlhauser, Dorothy Oberer, author.
[Dayton, Ohio] : [Dorothy Oberer Muhlhauser], 2014.
37 pages : illustrations, maps, genealogical tables ; 28 cm
John Frederick Krämer & Elizabeth Albers -- Pedigree chart for John Frederick Kraemer Kremer -- Pedigree chart for Elizabeth Albers -- Maps -- Descendants of John Frederick Kraemer Kremer.

Miller & O'Bryan Funeral Home records, Mount Vernon, Ohio ...

April 9, 2018
Montrose, Carol.
New Albany, Ohio : C. Montrose, 2000-<2006>
v. ; 28 cm.
Title for [v. 1.] from caption.
[Vol. 1.] (1918-1919) is revised in 2006.
[v. 1.] 1918-1919 -- [v. 2.] 1920-1921 -- [v. 3.] 1921-1922 -- [v. 4.] 1923-1925 -- [v. 5.] 1926-1928 -- [v. 6.] 1928-1929 -- [v. 7.] 1930-1931 -- [v. 8.] 1932-1933 -- [v. 9.] 1933-1935 -- [v. 10.]1935-1938 -- [v. 11.] 1938-1940 -- [v. 12.] 1940-1942 -- [v. 13.] 1942-1943 -- [v. 14] 1947-1948 -- [v. 15.] 1943-1945

Green County marriages

April 9, 2018
Froggett, Judy.
[Greensburg, Ky.] : Green County Historical Society, 1995-
v. ; 28 cm.
Vol. 2-3 published by Green County Public Library ; vol. 5 published by Green County Genealogical Society.
Includes indexes.
[v. 1.] 1869-1873 -- [v. 2.] 1874-1890 -- [v. 3.] 1891-1900 -- [v. 4.] 1901-1915 -- [v. 5.] 1916-1930 --

Genealogy notes about the Rine & Underwood families of Knox County, Ohio

April 9, 2018
DeLauder, Richard.
New Albany, Ohio : C. Montrose, ©2004.
195, 40 [20] pages : illustrations ; 29 cm
Includes index.
Samuel Underwood was born in 1658, probably in England. He emigrated and settled in New Castle County, Delaware. Descendant Elizabeth Underwood, daughter of Benjamin Underwood (1804-1895), married Rudolph Rine. Descendants and relatives lived mainly in Ohio.

Green County, Kentucky Black marriages. Book 2, 1875-1885

April 9, 2018
Houk, Martha T.
copyright 2016
76 pages ; 28 cm
Includes index.
Cover title.
Black marriages, book 2, 1875-1885 -- Black marriages, book 1, 1867-1875 (bonds only) -- Index of brides.

Black marriages Green County, Kentucky 1866-1907

April 9, 2018
Scott, Carolyn.
Greensburg, Ky. (P.O. Box 273, Greensburg [42743]) : Green County Genealogical Society, ©2011.
93 pages ; 28 cm
Includes index.

Pulaski County, Kentucky court orders. 1804-1810

April 9, 2018
Tracey, Karen Wagner.
Greenville, SC : Southern Historical Press, [2000?]
265 pages ; 23 cm
Includes index.
Cover title.

Adams County, Mississippi : minutes of the court [i.e. county] court, 1802-1804

April 9, 2018
Greenville, SC : Southern Historical Press, Inc., [2017]
1 volume (unpaged) ; 23 cm
Reprint. Originally published by mimeograph from typescript copy: Jackson, MS : Board of Supervisors, Adams County, 1942.
"This volume, Transcription of the County Archives of Mississippi, No. 2, Adams County, Volume II, Minutes of the County Court, 1802-1804, is a transcription of the first volume of minutes of the county court kept in the basement storeroom of the Adams County courthouse."--Preface, page [iii], Robert E. Strong, State Supervisor, Statewide Records Project, July 1942.

Early Missouri marriages in the news, 1820-1853

April 9, 2018
Stanley, Lois.
Greenville, S.C. : Southern Historical Press, ©1990.
57 pages ; 23 cm

Lancaster County, South Carolina deed abstracts, 1787-1811

April 9, 2018
Holcomb, Brent, author.
236 pages ; 23 cm
Includes index.

(Old) Ninety-Six & Abbeville District, South Carolina, wills and bonds. 2

April 9, 2018
Pursley, Larry E.
220 pages ; 23 cm
"In 1950 Southern Historical Press published Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six & Abbeville Wills and Bonds by Willie Pauline Young ... The present volume follows in Pauline Young's footsteps by taking up where she left off ... This volume covers many estates from the late 1840s, even more estates of the 1850s ... and goes through the 1860s into the early 1870s"-- From introduction, page 3.

Cobb County, Georgia index to white marriages 1865-1937 and index to colored marriages 1865-1966

April 9, 2018
Hancock, Mary M.|4edt
Marietta, Georgia : Cobb County, Georgia Geneal. Society, ©1995.
ix, 321, 173, 23 pages ; 28 cm
Includes an addendum.

How to trace your family tree in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales : the complete practical handbook for all detectives of family histories, heritage and genealogy

April 5, 2018
Chater, Kathy, author.
London : Hermes House, 2011.
256 pages : illustrations (some color), maps ; 30 cm
Working lives (Education ; Apprenticeships ; Guilds and freemen ; The professions ; Other occupations ; Licences ; Elections, poll books and electoral registers ; Trade unions, and friendly societies ; Bankruptcy and insolvency ; Physical and mental fitness)
A fully comprehensive guide to discovering your roots, how to access the relevant archives, searching the internet, to draw up a family tree of your British ancestors.

Genealogy research and those photographs : how to keep details of the people and day with any photo in a permanent way without altering the original photograph

April 5, 2018
Kalten, D., author.
vii, 79 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Where you start -- Step one -- Scan to where -- Your notes -- Saving information -- The trick -- When -- Adding information -- Printing choices -- Added examples -- Main steps in program -- Main steps in summary -- Free programs.

Searching for your ancestors in historic newspapers

April 5, 2018
Breland, Claudia C.
[Gig Harbor, Wash.] : [The author], ©2014.
278 pages : illustrations, facsimiles ; 23 cm
Treasures in newsprint -- Free newspaper databases -- Subscription databases -- Libraries and their resources -- Microfilm and interlibrary loan -- State by state listing -- International newspapers.
"Every genealogist needs this book, if they're serious about researching their family history. Family stories of all kinds, not just obituaries, can be found in newspapers. While major metropolitan newspapers are being digitized and placed online, many more are available for viewing on microfilm. Learn about the free newspaper databases, and discover which newspapers are covered in subscription databases. Also included is the first-ever state-by-state listing of libraries and genealogical societies that have indexed local newspapers, along with state digitized collections not found elsewhere, and microfilm collections for each state. Interested in family history? Start your research today!"--Amazon.

The genealogist's U.S. history pocket reference : quick facts & timelines of American history to help understand your ancestors

April 4, 2018
Hendrickson, Nancy, 1947- author.
Cincinnati, Ohio : Family Tree Books, [2013]
187 pages : maps ; 16 cm
Unlock new records in your family history research by understanding the historic events of your ancestors' eras. This quick and convenient guide outlines the major political, military and social events in the United States from the colonial era through 1940. It also includes immigration trends and census dates to help you narrow your research focus and find genealogy records faster.

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