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June 23, 2018
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Between hope and fear : a history of vaccines and human immunity

June 22, 2018
Kinch, Michael S., author.
New York : Pegasus Books, 2018.
xviii, 334 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
Presents an informed examination of the science of immunity, the public policy implications of vaccine denial, and the real-world outcomes of failing to vaccinate.

H2Oh! : infused waters for health and hydration

June 22, 2018
Kirk, Mimi, 1938- author.
New York, NY : The Countryman Press, a division of W. W. Norton & Company, [2018]
122 pages : color illustrations ; 19 cm
Includes index.

Pulse of perseverance : three black doctors on their journey to success.

June 22, 2018
187 pages ; 23 cm
Book I / Pierre Johnson MD -- Book II / Maxime Madhere MD -- Book III / Joseph Semien Jr MD.
The authors each tell their story, from growing up in New York City and Washington, D.C., Chicago, and New Orleans, to their meeting as premed students at Xavier University of Louisiana, to becoming board certified physicians, fathers and community mentors.

What you must know about age-related macular degeneration : how you can prevent, stop, or reverse AMD

June 21, 2018
Anshel, Jeffrey, author.
xi, 274 pages ; 23 cm
"Choosing a safe course of action that works for you"--Cover.
Introduction -- Part 1. The basics of macular degeneration. -- How your eyes work -- What is age-related macular degeneration? -- What are the risk factors for macular degeneration? -- Metabolic syndrome -- Part 2. Macular degeneration and supplements. -- The AREDS trials -- Plant-based supplements -- Nutrients for eye health -- Part 3. Macular degeneration and your diet. -- What not to put on our plate -- What makes a food healthy? -- Choosing foods to put on your plate -- Putting your anti-AMD diet into action -- Part 4. Living successfully with macular degeneration. -- Addressing lifestyle risk factors -- Tools for living with AMD.
Age-related macular degeneration, AMD, is the most common cause of vision loss in people over the age of fifty. Yet for many years, the only treatment offered to most people diagnosed wit AMD has been a supplement formula that can slow the progression of macular degeneration, but cannot prevent, stop, or reverse AMD and offers no help to those in the earliest stages of the disease. Now, for the first time, is a comprehensive program for the treatment of this all-too common disorder.

Ageless brain : think faster, remember more, and stay sharper by lowering your brain age

June 21, 2018
vii, 344 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Par t: Your amazing brain -- Put Alzheimer's on the run -- An ageless brain for life -- Are you living a brain-healthy lifestyle? -- Part 2: Stay-sharp basics -- The 10 commandments of an ageless brain -- Part 3: Stay sharp! -- Savor brain-boosting foods -- Hit the walking trail or gym -- Adjust your attitude -- Reduce brain-shrinking stress -- Preserve your wits with play -- Brain-healthy meals -- Appendix: The ageless brain strength-training workout.

What the eyes don't see : a story of crisis, resistance, and hope in an American city

June 20, 2018
Hanna-Attisha, Mona, author.
x, 364 pages ; illustrations ; 25 cm
How I got my name -- What the eyes don't see -- The barbecue -- The valedictorian -- Haji -- Red flags -- First encounter -- Miasma -- No response -- Sit down -- Jenny + the data -- Public health enemy #1 -- What field are you on? -- The man in the panda tie -- Environmental injustice -- Poisoned by policy -- Shortwave radio crackling -- Meeting the Mayor -- Aeb -- The press conference -- Splice and dice -- Numbers war -- Demonstration of proof -- All the things we found out later -- Fire ant -- Truth and reconciliation -- Prescription for hope -- Haji and the birds.
"The dramatic story of the signature environmental disaster of our time and an inspiring tale of scientific resistance by a relentless physician who stood up to power. Flint was already a troubled city in 2014 when the state of Michigan--in the name of austerity--shifted the source of its water supply from Lake Huron to the Flint River. Soon after, citizens began complaining about the water that flowed from their taps--but officials rebuffed them, insisting that the water was fine. Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, a pediatrician at the city's public hospital, took state officials at their word and encouraged the parents and children in her care to continue drinking the water--after all, it was American tap water, blessed with the state's seal of approval. But a conversation at a cookout with an old friend, leaked documents from a rogue environmental inspector, and the activism of a concerned mother raised red flags about lead--a neurotoxin whose irreversible effects fall most heavily on children. Even as circumstantial evidence mounted and protests grew, Dr. Mona knew that the only thing that could stop the lead poisoning was undeniable proof--and that to get it, she'd have to enter the fight of her life. What the Eyes Don't See is the inspiring story of how Dr. Mona--accompanied by an idiosyncratic team of researchers, parents, friends, and community leaders--proved that Flint's kids were exposed to lead and then fought her own government and a brutal backlash to expose that truth to the world. Paced like a scientific thriller, this book shows how misguided austerity policies, the withdrawal of democratic government, and callous bureaucratic indifference placed an entire city at risk. And at the center of the story is Dr. Mona herself--an immigrant, doctor, scientist, and mother whose family's activist roots inspired her pursuit of justice. What the Eyes Don't See is a riveting, beautifully rendered account of a shameful disaster that became a tale of hope, the story of a city on the ropes that came together to fight for justice, self-determination, and the right to build a better world for their--and all of our--children."--Dust jacket.

The 10 minute yoga solution

June 20, 2018
Trivedi, Ira, author.
253 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
The yoga life -- What is an asana? -- How to use this book -- Prana: May the force be with you -- The wobbly mind -- The 10-minute yoga solution.
"In this book, yoga acharya and bestselling author Ira Trivedi tells you how you can shed weight, get washboard abs, lower blood pressure - with just 10 minutes of yoga a day. Just 10 minutes can get you in shape, cure backache, achieve better exam results and even heal a broken heart. Yoga is much more than an exercise - it prepares and disciplines your body and mind for a transformative spiritual experience. The modules in The 10-Minute Yoga Solution will put you on the path of health, healing, and self-discovery."--Page [4] of cover.

Alcoholism sourcebook.

June 19, 2018
Detroit, MI : Omnigraphics, Inc., c2000-
v. : ill. ; 24 cm.
"Provides basic consumer health information about alcohol abuse, addiction, and related health effects, with facts about treatment and recovery. Includes index, glossary of related terms, and other resources"--Provided by publisher.

Cancer sourcebook.

June 19, 2018
Detroit, MI : Omnigraphics, Inc., c1990-
v. ; 24 cm.
"Provides basic consumer health information about risks, prevention, and treatment of major forms of cancer. Includes index, glossary of related terms, and other resources"-- Provided by publisher.

Because I come from a crazy family : the making of a psychiatrist / Edward M. Hallowell.

June 18, 2018
Hallowell, Edward M., author.
New York : Bloomsbury, 2018.
406 pages : genealogical table ; 24 cm
When Edward M. Hallowell was eleven, a voice out of nowhere told him he should become a psychiatrist. A mental health professional of the time would have called this psychosis. But young Edward (Ned) took it in stride, despite not quite knowing what "psychiatrist" meant. With a psychotic father, alcoholic mother, abusive stepfather, and two so-called learning disabilities of his own, Ned was accustomed to unpredictable behavior from those around him, and to a mind he felt he couldn't always control. The voice turned out to be right. Now, decades later, Hallowell is a leading expert on attention disorders and the author of twenty books, including Driven to Distraction, the work that introduced ADD to the world. In Because I Come from a Crazy Family, he tells the often strange story of a childhood marked by what he calls the "WASP triad" of alcoholism, mental illness, and politeness, and explores the wild wish, surging beneath his incredible ambition, that he could have saved his own family of drunk, crazy, and well-intentioned eccentrics, and himself.

Conceivability : what I learned exploring the frontiers of fertility

June 18, 2018
Katkin, Elizabeth L.., author.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2018.
xx, 298 pages ; 24 cm
From here to infertility: frontline infertility treatments -- Finding the yellow brick road: navigating the fertility labyrinth -- Go east, young lady: the world of complementary and alternative therapies -- You always remember your first: the ups and downs of pregnancy and loss -- Baby steps: minimally invasive treatment -- The big guns: moving on to IVF -- Understanding modern ART: key aspects of Assisted Reproductive Technology -- The dark horse: the silent faces of miscarriage -- Down the rabbit hole of third-party parenting: gestational surrogacy -- When it takes a village: surrogacy and egg donation -- Louise's legacy: the business of baby-making -- Pricing the "priceless": big money and the finance of fertility -- The good, the bad, and the eggs: the fundamental debate about egg integrity -- Minding the gaps: reflections on the future of fertility.
"Part memoir, part guide, this personal and deeply informative account of one woman's gripping journey through the global fertility industry in search of the solution to her own "unexplained infertility" exposes eye-opening information about the medical, financial, legal, scientific, emotional and ethical issues at stake."--Provided by publisher.

Quench : beat fatigue, drop weight, and heal your body through the new science of optimum hydration

June 15, 2018
Cohen, Dana, author.
New York : Hachette Books, 2018.
xii, 291 pages ; 24 cm
The new science of water : the hydration/health connection -- Eat your water : food for optimal hydration -- Move that water : fascia and hydration -- How motion keeps you hydrated : the science of micromovements -- Fat and hydration : oil and water do mix -- Who needs water the most? Ideal hydration for high-need populations -- Antiaging, the skin, and beauty -- The quench plan -- The cup runneth over : recipes for a lifetime.
"Chronic headaches...brain fog...fatigue...weight gain...insomnia...gut pain...autoimmune conditions. We may think these and other all-too-common modern maladies are due to gluten intake or too much sugar or too little exercise. But there is another missing piece to the health puzzle: Proper hydration. Yes, even in this era of Poland Spring many of us are dehydrated due to moisture lacking diets, artificial environments, medications, and over-dependence on water as our only source of hydration. For this reason, that new diet or exercise plan may fail because our body doesn't have enough moisture to support it. Quench presents a wellness routine that can reverse all of that, based on breakthrough new science in the field of hydration. Readers will be surprised to learn that drinking too much water can flush out vital nutrients and electrolytes. Here is where "gel water" comes in: the water from plants (like cucumber, berries, aloe), which our bodies are designed to truly absorb right down to the cellular level. In fact, Ms. Bria's work as an anthropologist led her to the realization that desert people stay hydrated almost exclusively from what they eat, including gel plants like cactus. Based on groundbreaking science from the University of Washington's Pollack Water Lab and other research, Quench offers a five-day jump start plan: hydrating meal plans and the heart of the program, smoothies and elixirs using the most hydrating and nutrient-packed plants. Another unique feature of their approach is micro-movements-small, simple movements you can make a few times a day that will move water through your fascia, the connective tissue responsible for hydrating our bodies. You will experience more energy, focus, and better digestion within five days...then move onto the lifetime plan for continued improvements, even elimination of symptoms"-- Provided by publisher.

Aroused : the history of hormones and how they control just about everything

June 15, 2018
Epstein, Randi Hutter, author.
xvii, 313 pages : illustratons ; 22 cm
The fat bride -- we may call them -- Pickled brains -- Killer hormones -- The virile vasectomy -- Soul mates in sex hormones -- Making gender -- Growing up -- Measuring the immeasurable -- Growing pains -- Hotheads : the mysteries of menopause -- Testosterone endopreneurs -- Oxytocin : that lovin' feeling -- Transitioning -- Insatiable : the hypothalamus and obesity.
"Metabolism, behavior, sleep, mood swings, the immune system, fighting, fleeing, puberty, and sex: these are just a few of the things our bodies control with hormones. Armed with a healthy dose of wit and curiosity, medical journalist Randi Hutter Epstein takes us on a journey through the unusual history of these potent chemicals from a basement filled with jarred nineteenth-century brains to a twenty-first-century hormone clinic in Los Angeles. Brimming with fascinating anecdotes, illuminating new medical research, and humorous details, Aroused introduces the leading scientists who made life-changing discoveries about the hormone imbalances that ail us, as well as the charlatans who used those discoveries to peddle false remedies. Epstein exposes the humanity at the heart of hormone science with her rich cast of characters, including a 1920s doctor promoting vasectomies as a way to boost libido, a female medical student who discovered a pregnancy hormone in the 1940s, and a mother who collected pituitaries, a brain gland, from cadavers as a source of growth hormone to treat her son. Along the way, Epstein explores the functions of hormones such as leptin, oxytocin, estrogen, and testosterone, demystifying the science of endocrinology. A fascinating look at the history and science of some of medicine's most important discoveries, Aroused reveals the shocking history of hormones through the back rooms, basements, and labs where endocrinology began."--Dust jacket flaps.

The circadian code : lose weight, supercharge your energy, and transform your health from morning to midnight

June 14, 2018
Panda, Satchin, author.
New York : Rodale, [2018]
xix, 267 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Part I. The circadian clock -- We are all shift workers -- How circadian rhythms work: timing is everything -- Track and test: is your circadian code in sync? -- Part II. The circadian lifestyle -- A circadian code for the best night's sleep -- Time-restricted eating: set your clock for weight loss -- Optimizing learning and working -- Syncing your exercise to your circadian code -- Adapting to the ultimate disruptors: lights and screens -- Part III. Optimizing circadian health -- The clock, the microbiome, and digestive concerns -- The circadian code for addressing metabolic syndrome: obesity, diabetes, and heart disease -- Enhancing the immune system and treating cancer -- The circadian code for optimizing brain health -- A perfect circadian day.
A comprehensive health book and lifestyle plan to help manage the body's natural rhythms offers advice to overcome difficulty sleeping, hunger at odd times, and sudden fatigue.

Nature's secrets revealed : scientific knowledge of the laws of sex life and heredity : or Eugenics : vital information for the married and marriageable of all ages ... together with important hints on social purity, heredity, physical manhood and womanhood by noted specialists, embracing a department on ethics of the unmarried

June 14, 2018
Marietta, Ohio : S.A. Mullikin Company, 1914.
584 pages : illustrations, plates ; 21 cm
Copy located in Genealogy & Local History Dept., Cincinnati Collection is bound in original original black pebble grain cloth stamped in gold.

Rebuild : five proven steps to move from diagnosis to recovery and be healthier than before

June 13, 2018
Zembroski, Robert, author.
New York, NY : HarperWave, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, 2018.
x, 485 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
part I: It can't happen to me: Anatomy of disease ; Assessing your health -- part II: Time to re-act: Eat for your genes ; Exercise with periods of intensity ; Hit the brakes on the stress response ; Reboot your internal clock ; reduce contamination ; testing the disease terrain -- part III: Recipes.
A physician who defeated cancer provides information and simple guidelines on regenerating cells to recover from and prevent life-threatening or chronic illness, rebuilding the body's strength by eliminating toxic fat, and revitalizing one's life with new hope and energy.

Reclaiming life after trauma : healing PTSD with cognitive-behavioral therapy and yoga

June 13, 2018
Mintie, Daniel, 1956- author.
Rochester, Vermont : Healing Arts Press, [2018]
ix, 181 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Roots of the problem -- Embodied stress -- Cognitive-behavioral therapy -- The hidden wisdom of symptoms -- Rewire your brain -- Belief: the heart of the matter -- Embodied wellness -- Sleep well -- The road forward.
"Integrative tools for healing the traumatized mind and body"--Provided by publisher.

The healthy mind toolkit : simple strategies to get out of your own way and enjoy your life

June 12, 2018
Boyes, Alice, author.
viii, 291 pages ; 21 cm

Sick : a memoir

June 11, 2018
Khakpour, Porochista, author.
258 pages ; 21 cm
"An honest, beautifully rendered memoir of chronic illness, misdiagnosis, addiction, and the myth of full recovery that details author Porochista Khakpour struggles with late-stage Lyme disease"-- Provided by publisher.

Also human : the inner lives of doctors

June 11, 2018
Elton, Caroline (Vocational psychologist), author.
New York : Basic Books, 2018.
311 pages ; 25 cm
Medicine in the mirror -- Wednesday's child -- Finding the middle -- Which doctor -- Brief encounter -- Roal reversal -- Leaky pipes -- Riskey business -- No exit -- Natural seletion -- There's no such thing as a doctor.
A psychologist's stories of doctors who seek to help others but struggle to help themselves.

Aging backwards : reverse the aging process and look 10 years younger in 30 minutes a day

June 11, 2018
Esmonde-White, Miranda, author.
vi, 290 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm

The archetype diet : reclaim your self-worth and change the shape of your body

June 7, 2018
James, Dana, author.
New York, NY : Penguin Publishing Group, 2018.
315 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Foreword / by Mark Hyman, MD -- Introduction: How your mind shapes your body -- Part I. Identify your architecture -- Which archetype are you? -- The nurturer -- The wonder woman -- The femme fatale -- The ethereal -- Part II. Feed your body without fear -- Food fundamentals -- Eat your vegetables -- The protein paradox -- Fat fears and fetishes -- The carbohydrate question -- The seduction of sugar -- Permission for pleasure -- Archetype meal plans -- Recipes -- Part III. The six Rs to heal your mind -- Restore your brain -- Recognize your core memories -- Reinterpret your past -- Release your emotions -- Rewire your brain -- Revive your sense of self -- Appendix A: Food types -- Appendix B: Kundalini kriyas for each archetype -- Appendix C: Sources.
Offers a holistic diet plan that takes into account how old behavioral patterns and self-doubt that can sabotage efforts at weight loss, encouraging readers to discover which of four archtypes they embody, and how to use that knowledge to their benefit.

Keto living day by day : an inspirational guide to the ketogenic diet, with 130 deceptively simple recipes

June 7, 2018
Sullivan, Kristie H., author.
Las Vegas : Victory Belt Publishing Inc., 2018.
400 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm
Includes index.
Foreword by Andreas Eenfeldt, MD -- Introduction: My story -- part I. All about Keto: How to keto ; The food ; Eating keto in the real world -- part II. A four-week guide to beginning keto: Planning your journey ; Your first four weeks on keto -- part III. The recipes: Basics ; Breakfast ; Small bites ; Mains ; Sides ; Break the glass.
"In her new book, Keto Living Day by Day, Kristie Sullivan brings you along on her inspiring journey to health and happiness through adopting a low-carb, high-fat lifestyle. She shares the failures she experienced when using today's overly prescribed high-carb, low-fat (and also sugar-laden) diets and details how the ketogenic diet helped her lose more than 100 pounds! Kristie hopes that her story will inspire you to take charge of your own life and find your unique path to wellness. With her approachable and sensible philosophy and techniques, you too can use the keto template to overcome challenges, develop a truly healthy mindset, and shed unwanted pounds. Keto Living Day by Day will help you banish your fear of eating fat and embrace a scientifically proven and highly effective nutritional path. Keto Living Day by Day offers a real-world approach to low-carb/keto dieting. Kristie walks you through every step, starting with a simple and easy-to-understand breakdown of the nutritional science behind keto. She provides examples to match many of the scenarios that people encounter when starting a ketogenic diet and offers solutions for each, enabling you to find the most successful path for your needs. Section two of the book features a daily guide to help you make the keto way your way. Starting on day 1, Kristie shows you how to understand the challenges involved in making the transition, navigate around obstacles, and track your progress. She also offers tips for staying on course in social settings and when dining out, as well as foolproof ways to face down temptations. In addition, Keto Living Day by Day features a detailed preparation guide that includes advice on stocking your pantry with keto essentials and a day-by-day guide to implementing a ketogenic lifestyle. For maximum success, Kristie brings you her best tips for meal planning and preparation along with budget-friendly shopping guidelines. Keto Living Day by Day concludes with more than 130 easy-to-love keto recipes that Kristie has used to nourish herself, her family, and her friends. These recipes are easy to follow and are designed for people who enjoy mouthwatering meals but want to minimize time spent in the kitchen. The ingredients used in the recipes are readily available; most can be found at your local grocery store." -

Teens talk about anxiety and depression

June 6, 2018
New York, NY : Rosen Publishing, 2018.
64 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Introduction -- Teens talk about anxiety -- Teens talk about panic attacks -- Teens talk about depression and self-harm -- Helping a depressed friend.
In real teens' voices, this engaging book offers comfort and advice for young people dealing with their own mental health issues or those of a loved one. A compilation of true stories by young adults facing the challenges of anxiety and depression, the book features compelling first-person accounts of panic attacks, suicidal depression, and self-harm, among other topics. Each contributor brings a unique perspective to the discussion of mental illness, and the relatable tone helps readers connect with an issue of great relevance to their own lives.

Start your own medical claims billing service : your step-by-step guide to success

June 6, 2018
[United States] : Entrepreneur Press, [2016]
xii, 210 pages ; 23 cm.
Preface -- Prescription for Success -- Health Insurance 101 -- Day-to-Day Operations -- Diagnosing Your Market -- X-Ray of a Medical Billing Business -- Figuring Your Finances -- Locating Your Business -- Employees, Insurance, and Other Facts of Life -- Equipping Your Business -- Blowing Your Own Horn -- Controlling Your Finances -- Operating Successfully (or Pulling the Plug) -- Medical Claims Billing Resources -- Glossary -- Index.
"As insurance regulations and paperwork requirements get more complicated, doctors and other health care providers are turning to third-party billing services to take care of their billing needs. It's a multi-billion dollar industry that's growing like never before, creating a growing niche for entrepreneurs who are experts at tunneling their way through the paper avalanche"-- Provided by publisher.

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