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January 19, 2018
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The most dangerous man in America : Timothy Leary, Richard Nixon and the hunt for the fugitive king of LSD

January 18, 2018
Minutaglio, Bill, author.
x, 384 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
In September 1970, ex-Harvard professor and 'High Priest of LSD' Dr. Timothy Leary escaped from prison with the aid of the radical Weather Underground. Spanning twenty-eight months, President Nixon's careening, global manhunt for Dr. Timothy Leary winds its way among homegrown radicals, European aristocrats, a Black Panther outpost in Algeria, an international arms dealer, hash-smuggling hippies from the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, and secret agents on four continents, culminating in one of the trippiest journeys through the American counterculture. -- Adapted from book jacket.

Laugh it up! : embrace freedom and experience defiant joy

January 18, 2018
Payne, Candace, author.
202 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"The world knows Candace Payne as 'Chewbacca Mom,' the wife and mother of two from Dallas who captured the hearts of nearly 200 million people around the world with nothing but a toy Chewbacca mask, a smart phone, and infectious laughter. Candace's viral moment of simple joy became Facebook Live's top video. But what the video doesn't show is Candace's storied journey of daunting obstacles on the way to the joy-filled life--extreme poverty, past trauma, and struggles with self-worth. Laugh It Up! tells the rest of the story behind the woman in the mask. Like most of us, Candace has often felt overlooked, undervalued, and insignificant. But she has also discovered the secrets to unshakable joy that no circumstance can take away, and Laugh It Up! will help you discover and experience the same. Join Candace to discover the gift God has given us all to experience life to the fullest. All you need to do is answer 'yes' when joy, whom Candace personifies as a friend, calls you to come and play."

Wake up! : a handbook to living in the here and now : 54 playful strategies to help you snap out of autopilot

January 18, 2018
Baréz-Brown, Chris, author.
New York : Experiment, [2017]
296 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"Originally published in the UK as Wake Up! Escaping a Life on Autopilot by Penguin Life in 2016."
Introduction; 1. Breathing; Learn to Breathe; Kill Your Television; Clean Up Your Act; Travel Into Space; 2. Tune In; Notice What You Notice; Cook From Scratch; Get Lost At Lunchtime; Walkie Talkie; Make A Plane And Then Free It; Spielzeug; 3. Power Up; Bathroom Buff-Up; Draw Life And Get The Picture; 4. Plug In; First Ten Minutes Outside; Spread The Love; Dress The Same; Slow Down; Walk In The Woods; 5. Listen To Your Body; Follow Your Body Clock; Live On Just 5 A Day; Write A Song; Stand Up; Say Yes; Really Feel It -- Emote Like Elvis; A Little Vacation From Bread And DairyBe Someone Else; Journal; Steal Back Time; 6. Lost In Music; Be Lost In Music; Make A Cup Of Tea; What I Love/Hate About Me; Sunrise Or Sunset; Fight The Amnesia; Digital Detox; Give It Some Chant; Climb A Tree; Eat When Hungry; Untold Story; Do Something New; Just Say No; Dance; Add An Hour To Your Day; Excitement And Gratitude; 50 Million; Stare At The Sky; Live Like A Pig; Own It -- No Excuses; Giggles And Guffaws; Smile; Right A Wrong; Do Something Big; Guerrilla Gardening; Stay Still And Soak It Up; Write A Letter To Someone You Care About; 7. Why Now?And Soon We Will Die; 8. Wakey Wakey.
Wake Up! is a series of ideas designed to help people break free from autopilot. It's that feeling of driving a long distance and arriving at a destination with little memory of the journey. It happens because when we are doing routine activities our subconscious takes over to save energy. From climbing a tree to writing a letter, here are over fifty playful ideas that will engage our imagination and stimulate our senses, each broken down into an insight, a plan, and the payoff. Now, we can snap out of it, and truly connect to family, friends, work, and ourselves.

Meditation for fidgety skeptics : a 10% happier how-to book

January 17, 2018
Harris, Dan, 1971- author.
x, 286 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
The case for meditation -- "I can't do this" -- "I don't have time for this" -- "People might think I'm weird" -- "Meditation is self-indulgent" -- Pandora's box -- "If i get too happy, I'll lose my edge" -- "__________is my meditation" -- "I can't keep it going".
ABC News anchor Dan Harris used to think that meditation was for people who collect crystals, play Ultimate Frisbee, and use the word "namaste" without irony. After he had a panic attack on live television, he went on a strange and circuitous journey that ultimately led him to become one of meditation's most vocal public proponents. Here's what he's fixated on now: Science suggests that meditation can lower blood pressure, mitigate depression and anxiety, and literally rewire key parts of the brain. Millions of people want to meditate but aren't actually practicing. What's holding them back? Harris and his friend Jeff Warren, a "Meditation MacGyver," embark on a cross-country quest to tackle the myths, misconceptions, and self-deceptions that stop people from meditating. Traveling across eighteen states, talking to scores of would-be meditators, including parents, military cadets, police officers, and even a few celebrities, they create a taxonomy of the most common issues and offer up science-based life hacks to help people overcome them.

The group : seven widowed fathers reimagine life

January 17, 2018
Rosenstein, Donald, author.
New York, NY, United States of America : Oxford University Press, [2018]
viii, 175 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm

The fourth trimester : a postpartum guide to healing your body, balancing your emotions, and restoring your vitality

January 17, 2018
Johnson, Kimberly Ann.
Boulder : Shambhala, 2017.
xiii, 343 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
A holistic, practical guide to help support women through post-partum healing on the physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual levels. Pregnancy, childbirth, and post-partum offer women some of the most emotionally enriching and satisfying experiences of their life. But many women entering motherhood are shocked at their lack of preparation or awareness about what that actually means for their bodies, minds, spirits, and relationships. Kimberly Johnson, a doula, post-partum recovery expert, and yoga instructor has created a wise and supportive illustrated guide that offers women a roadmap to this very important transition that can last a few months--or even a few years. She draws from her vast professional experience, as well as her own personal experience, and also a number of disciplines including Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, yoga, herbal medicine, energetics, and traditional (folk) remedies, among others, to create a truly rich and holistic guide. The book offers advice for pregnant women on how to prepare their body for birth; how to organize themselves and their households for the best possible transition to motherhood; simple practices to facilitate healing and restore energy; and how to strengthen relationships and aid the return to sex. Johnson also explores the complex and often conflicting emotions that arise post-partum, and explores the profound nature of childbirth and new motherhood. She helps women contextualize their experience and tap into the spiritual opportunities it can provide.

Blink : the power of thinking without thinking

January 17, 2018
Gladwell, Malcolm, 1963-
New York : Back Bay Books, 2007.
xii, 296, 15, 11 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
Originally published: 1st ed. New York : Little, Brown and Co., 2005. With new afterword.
The statue that didn't look right -- The theory of thin slices : how a little bit of knowledge goes a long way -- The locked door : the secret life of snap decisions -- The Warren Harding error : why we fall for tall, dark, and handsome men -- Paul Van Riper's big victory : creating structure for spontaneity -- Kenna's dilemma : the right-and wrong-way to ask people what they want -- Seven seconds in the Bronx : the delicate art of mind-reading -- Conclusion: listening with your eyes : the lessons of blink -- Reading group guide -- Excerpt from David and Goliath.
How do we think without thinking, seem to make choices in an instant--in the blink of an eye--that actually aren't as simple as they seem? Why are some people brilliant decision makers, while others are consistently inept? Why do some people follow their instincts and win, while others end up stumbling into error? And why are the best decisions often those that are impossible to explain to others? Drawing on cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology, the author reveals that great decision makers aren't those who process the most information or spend the most time deliberating, but those who have perfected the art of filtering the very few factors that matter from an overwhelming number of variables.

Waking up in winter : in search of what really matters at midlife

January 16, 2018
Richardson, Cheryl, author.
227 pages ; 22 cm
"Waking Up in Winter is the candid and revelatory account of how, at midlife, Richardson found renewed contentment and purpose through a heroic, inward journey. The unfolding story follows her from the first gentle nudges of change to a thoughtfully reimagined life--a soulful spring awakening. With an experienced coach's intuition and an artist's eye, Richardson reexamines everything--her marriage, her work, her friendships, and her priorities--gracefully shedding parts of the self that no longer serve along the way. In the end, she not only discovers what really matters at midlife, but she invites readers to join her in the process by providing thought-provoking questions designed to usher them through their own season of transformation."--Dust jacket.

How to get sh*t done : why women need to stop doing everything so they can achieve anything

January 16, 2018
Falconer, Erin, author.
viii, 246 pages ; 24 cm
Introduction: who am I? -- Defining POP (personality, opportunity, productivity) -- The only approval you need is your own -- You and your smart mouth -- How the Internet changed the game for women -- Why you should stop doing everything & start focusing on just three areas (seriously) -- The importance of outsourcing -- How to use your time much better than you are right now -- Assemble your POP posse: mentors, allies and more -- How to create your own personalized POP plan -- Avoiding burnout -- Epilogue: now what?
Shares real-life stories and actionable resources to provide over-scheduled, overwhelmed women with advice on how to overcome complicated patriarchal models of productivity so that they can prioritize needs and achieve more while doing less.

Judgment detox : release the beliefs that hold you back from living a better life

January 16, 2018
Bernstein, Gabrielle, author.
229 pages ; 23 cm
Step 1 : witness your judgment without judgment -- Step 2 : honor the wound -- Step 3 : put love on the altar -- Step 4 : see for the first time -- Step 5 : cut the cords -- Step 6 : bring your shadows to light.
"From featured "next-generation thought leader" on Oprah Winfrey's Super Soul 100 and #1 New York Times bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein comes a clear, proactive, step-by-step program to rid yourself of the tendency to judge yourself and others, and find your way back to true healing and oneness. Judgment--both being judged and judging others--is the core of our discomfort. While it's powerful, judgment isn't complicated. It's simply the separation from oneness. The moment we see ourselves as separate we detour into a false belief system that is out of alignment with our true nature. That separation, often a reflection of our own insecurities projected onto others, keeps us feeling alienated and alone. The Judgment Detox is an interactive process that calls on spiritual principles from the text A Course in Miracles, Kundalini yoga, meditation, EFT, and metaphysical teachings, allowing us to release the beliefs that hold us back from living a better life. Gabby has demystified these principles to make them easy to apply and commit to. The six steps include: -Witness your judgment without judgment -Honor the wound -Put love on the alter -See for the first time -Cut the cords -Bring your shadows to light This step-by-step process offers a path to true healing, oneness, and a deeper connection to the universe and those around us"-- Provided by publisher.

Believe it to achieve it : overcome your doubts, let go of the past, and unlock your full potential

January 15, 2018
Tracy, Brian, author.
xv, 214 pages ; 22 cm
Introduction: adopt the achiever mind-set -- Why people get stuck -- What holds you back -- Letting go of the past -- Change your thinking, change your life -- Become a master of change -- The people in your life -- Get on with it! -- Conclusion: seven truths about you.
"Letting go of negative thoughts is one of the most important steps to living a successful, fulfilling life, but it's also often the most difficult. In this practical, research-based guide, bestselling author Brian Tracy and psychotherapist Christina Stein present their Psychology of Achievement program to help you identify and overcome harmful patterns and ideas preventing you from achieving your goals or feeling happy and satisfied in your life." -- From book jacket.

Breaking sad : what to say after loss, what not to say, and when to just show up

January 12, 2018
xi, 235 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
New loss -- Sudden loss -- Loss with time for a good-bye -- Loss at a tender age -- Persistent loss -- Complicated loss -- Unacknowledged loss -- Other kinds of loss -- Loss and time -- Takeaways -- Epilogue: One for the road.
"Real stories and real feedback on what should be said, what should be kept to yourself, and what can be done when trying to support someone you care about as they navigate loss. Breaking Sad helps us start conversations through its pages of personal stories and suggestions from everyday survivors--bringing us all to a place where we can more comfortably offer support and caring to people when they need it most. Featuring stories from Montel Williams, Olivia Newton-John, Scott Hamilton, Giuliana Rancic, Valerie Harper, and more."--Back cover.

Letting go : a girl's guide to breaking free of stress and anxiety

January 10, 2018
Fonseca, Christine, 1966- author.
x, 167 pages ; 23 cm
Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- Part I: Living in a stress-filled world -- Part II: Managing anxiety -- Part III: From surviving to thriving -- Final thoughts -- Recommended resources -- References -- About the author.
"Do you ever feel like you'll never be perfect? Do you worry that what you say or do or wear will be how people remember you? It's time to let go of those worries and embrace who you are. Letting Go: A Girl's Guide to Breaking Free of Stress and Anxiety has everything you need to help you understand and manage the very real pressures you're facing from life. Designed to provide strategies for managing stress and anxiety, this book is filled with practical evidence-based advice and stories from teen and young adult women like you who have found ways to manage their anxieties. Every chapter features a discussion of different types of stress and anxiety so you can understand better what you're experiencing, activities to help you remember all the things you love about yourself and to help you understand yourself better, strategies for combating both stress and anxiety, and a stories of other girls who've learned to move past their stress and love their lives and themselves to the fullest." -- Back cover.

Hiking naked : a Quaker woman's search for balance

January 10, 2018
Graville, Iris, author.
Pawcatuck, CT : Homebound Publications, 2017.
239 pages : map ; 22 cm
"Knocked off her feet after twenty years in public health nursing, Iris Graville quit her job and convinced her husband and their thirteen-year-old twins to move to Stahekin, a remote mountain village in Washington State's North Cascades. They sought adventure; she yearned for the solitude of this community of eighty-five residents accessible only by boat, float plane, or hiking. "Hiking Naked" chronicles Graville's journey through questions about work and calling as well as how she coped with ordering groceries by mail, black bears outside her kitchen window, a forest fire that threatened the valley, and a flood that left the family stranded for three days."--back cover

Activating happiness : a jump-start guide to overcoming low motivation, depression, or just feeling stuck

January 8, 2018
Hershenberg, Rachel, author.
Oakland, CA : New Harbinger Publications, Inc., [2017]
ix, 168 pages ; 23 cm
If you have depression or just suffer from low mood and lack of motivation, you know that your life isn't going to change with one grand, sweeping gesture. But you can make important decisions every day whether its getting off the couch and going for a walk, signing up for a course in pottery or screenwriting, or just setting aside some time to meet and chat with a good friend over coffee. These little things wont change your life all at once. But over time, they will shape the way you live and see the world and keep you on a path to wellness.

The awakened dreamer : how to remember & interpret your dreams

January 8, 2018
Ambrose, Kala, 1966- author.
Woodbury : Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd., 2017.
224 pages ; 21 cm
Exploring the power of your dreams -- How to remember your dreams -- Interpreting your daily life dreams -- Prophetic and recurring dreams -- Teaching dreams -- Visitation dreams -- Lucid dreaming -- Nightmares -- Sleep walking and talking -- Manifesting your daydreams -- Believing in the power of your dreams -- Common dream symbols.

You can improve your memory

January 4, 2018
O'Brien, Dominic, author.
New York, NY : Rosen Publishing Group, 2018.
164 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Introduction -- A brief history of memory -- How memory works -- How to improve your memory -- Discovering memory techniques -- Memory techniques for everyday life -- Gain fulfillment through memory.
Having a good memory isn't just important in school or at work. It's essential to success in all areas of life. In this easy-to-follow title, readers will encounter straightforward techniques and shortcuts to help enhance the power of their memory. From memorizing a speech to remembering peoples' names and faces, this text is an invaluable resource on how to train the brain for peak performance. Included are simple techniques readers can use to improve memory as well as a variety of specific methods recommended by experts. Improved storage, retention, and recollection are within anyone's reach with this informative guide.

Psychology : the comic book introduction

January 4, 2018
Klein, Grady, author, illustrator.
223 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 26 cm
Making sense of the world -- Perception and attention -- Learning -- Memory -- Thinking -- Making sense of ourselves -- Metacognition -- Emotion -- Motivation -- Stress and health -- Making sense of each other -- Language -- Personality -- Social influence -- Stereotypes and groups.
"Psychology is the study of human behavior. It is a serious and worthy endeavor that has given us scientific knowledge of the ways our minds make sense of the world. Yet, as cartoonist Grady Klein and psychologist Danny Oppenheimer point out, the study of human experience can also be often really funny. This is the field, after all, that brought us drooling dogs, snacking rats, and 'Freudian slips.' With detailed observations on perception, stress, emotions, cognition, and more, [this book] offers students and curious readers an entertaining guide to the ways our brains help us navigate incredibly complicated environments, yet often fool us in fascinating ways." -- Back cover.

Coping with breakups and jealousy

January 3, 2018
Orr, Tamra, author.
New York : Rosen Publishing, 2018.
112 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm.
Introduction -- The green-eyed monster -- Building trust in yourself and others -- Breaking up is hard to do -- Getting back up after the fall -- Life lessons learned.
As children mature into teenagers, they develop connections beyond friendship with peers. Navigating romance is tough, while breakups can be demoralizing. Jealousy can cloud relationships that have ended, but also ones that are just beginning or going strong. This book helps teens with the sometimes intense emotions surrounding getting together and splitting up, empowering readers to solve their problems constructively, with empathy, and to seek help from others when necessary. Special attention is paid to the lived experiences of digital natives, whose heartbreaks and joys are amplified (for better and for worse) via social media, texting, and apps.

Becoming an ally to the gender-expansive child : a guide for parents and carers

January 3, 2018
Bianchi, Anna, author.
247 pages : illustration ; 23 cm.
For anyone eager to understand their child's gender experience, or to learn how best to accept, support and protect them, this book will provide knowledge, reassurance and the confidence to do so.

You can think differently

January 2, 2018
Rando, Caterina, author.
New York : Rosen Publishing, 2018.
174 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm.
Introduction -- Think power -- Choose where to begin -- Power-thinking fitness -- Thinking into action -- The open road.
Nothing reflects a person's quality of life more than their thinking. Thinking shapes our beliefs and makes us decide how to act or how not to act. The sound advice and exercises in this helpful guide will allow readers to free their minds of negative attitudes and develop the power to focus and prioritize. Within are twenty specially developed exercises to help readers create a positive mental attitude. Simple activities, such as journaling, visualization, and affirmation, show readers how to shift their personal perspective and change their thinking.

You do you : how to be who you are and use what you've got to get what you want

December 27, 2017
Knight, Sarah (Freelance editor), author.
New York : Little, Brown and Company, 2017.
xvii, 299 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm.
You are here : an orientation exercise -- DOs & DON'Ts : rules for the breaking. Don't be selfish (Life is short. Reclaim the word) ; Do your best (Except when you can't. Or you don't want to. Or it's giving you heartburn) ; Don't be difficult (Ask for what you want, push back on what you don't, and beware the focus group ; Do be a team player (On the contrary, you can do YOU all by yourself) ; Don't quit your day job (Take risks, ignore the doubters, and prove the haters wrong) -- WILLS & WON'Ts : Not-so-great expectations. You will change your mind (About unconventional lifestyle choices that inexplicably bother people who don't have to live them? Probably not) ; You won't get anywhere with that attitude (There are plenty of perks to being a pessimist) ; You will regret that (Says who?) ; You won't get a good job if you don't go to college (How to succeed at success without really caring what anyone else thinks) ; You will never live that down (Yes you will. Go ahead and let your freak flag fly) -- SHOULDs & SHOULDN'Ts : much too much obliged. You should always put family first (First runner-up is okay too) ; You shouldn't act so crazy (I kept a litter box under my desk for a year and I turned out okay) ; You should smile more (How to break free from the cult of nice) ; You shouldn't eat that (I'll take extra cheese, please) ; You should check your ego at the door (Check to make sure it's fully inflated, that is).
Presents an irreverent guide to letting go of the weight of others' expectations and doubling down on one's dreams to find real, lasting happiness. --Publisher

Life is like a musical : how to live, love, and lead like a star

December 19, 2017
Federle, Tim, author.
179 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
Cast yourself in the role you must play -- Value courage over confidence -- Congratulate the person who got "your" part -- It's called a "play" for a reason -- Raise your voice -- Turn your weaknesses into strengths -- Dance like everyone's watching -- Remember: The show must go on -- Don't cross your arms when the director is talking -- Take comfort that everyone is always starting over -- Realize we're each the lead of our own life -- Fake it -- Find your "I want" song -- The real work happens after opening night -- Buy something physical to remember a big win -- Figure out what kind of no it is -- Forget your résumé. Polish your reputation -- Let someone else take a bow -- Be a good scene partner -- Be extra nice to the P.A.'s -- Make stuff. Don't make fun of stuff -- Create a new family from your cast -- Go where the love is -- Recognize that life is like a musical -- Save the drama -- Stop saying you're tired -- Clap loudest for the understudies -- Give compliment sandwiches -- Follow your whims -- Recover between performances -- Recruit a friend to assess your audition outfit -- Arrive a half hour before half-hour -- Imagine your hero in the audience -- Rehearse under emergency conditions -- Write fan letters -- Be nice outside the audition room, too -- Keep a photo of the worst gig you ever had -- Don't review a show on-site -- Forgive yourself for a bad performance -- Put on a happy face -- Reconnect with your inner theater kid -- Take the note -- Live in a suitcase -- Go on "vocal rest" -- Write an aspirational Playbill bio -- Try to name all of last year's Tony winners -- Know that you're both irreplaceable and replaceable -- Screw up onstage, but keep dancing -- Find your tribe -- Life is not a dress rehearsal.
Tim Federle shares 50 tips for getting ahead in life that he learned backstage, onstage, and in between gigs working as a back-up dancer at the Super Bowl, a polar bear at Radio City, and a card-carrying chorus boy on Broadway.

Supernormal : the untold story of adversity and resilience

December 12, 2017
Jay, Meg, author.
xii, 387 pages ; 24 cm
Supernormal -- Origin story -- Secret -- Fight -- Flight -- Vigilance -- Superhuman -- Orphan -- Mask -- Alien -- Antihero -- Reboot -- Kryptonite -- Secret society -- Cape -- Avenger -- The power of love -- Never-ending.
"Whether it is the loss of a parent to death or divorce; bullying; alcoholism or drug abuse in the home; mental illness in a parent or a sibling; neglect; emotional, physical or sexual abuse; having a parent in jail; or growing up alongside domestic violence, nearly 75% of us experience adversity by the age of 20. But these experiences are often kept secret, as are our courageous battles to overcome them. Drawing on nearly two decades of work with clients and students, Jay tells the tale of ordinary people made extraordinary by these all-too-common experiences, everyday superheroes who have made a life out of dodging bullets and leaping over obstacles, even as they hide in plain sight as doctors, artists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, parents, activists, teachers, students and readers. She gives a voice to the supernormals among us as they reveal not only "How do they do it?" but also "How does it feel?"" - From book jacket.

Lisa Murphy on play : the foundation of children's learning

December 11, 2017
Murphy, Lisa, 1969- author.
St. Paul, MN : Redleaf Press, [2016]
198 pages ; 23 cm
Earlier edition published as: Play-- the foundation that supports the house of higher learning.
Introduction to the second edition -- Part 1: How I Got Here ; Mornings with mary ; At Any Given Moment ; Getting with the Program ; Starting the Journey ; A New Beginning ; Teach Us to Read! ; Strengthening the Foundation ; When Does the Playing Stop? ; Meaningful Experiences -- Part 2: The Seven Things ; Make Time Each Day to ... CREATE ; Make Time Each Day to ... MOVE ; Make Time Each Day to ... SING ; Make Time Each Day to ... DISCUSS ; Make Time Each Day to ... OBSERVE ; Make Each Day to ... READ ; Make Time Each Day to ... PLAY -- Part 3: Challenges We Face ; Challenges We Face ; Final Thoughts.
Discover why playing is school readiness with this updated guide. Timely research and new stories highlight how play is vital to the social, physical, cognitive, and spiritual development of children. Learn the seven meaningful experiences we should provide children with every day and why they are so important.

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