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January 19, 2018
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Everyday Genesis : inviting God to re-create you

January 18, 2018
Maples, Nika, author.
275 pages ; 21 cm
Altars of earth -- The first day -- Let there be light -- Revelation -- The second day -- Let there be a space -- Freedom -- The third day, morning -- Let there be order -- Purpose -- The third day, afternoon -- Let there be fruitfulness -- Productivity -- The fourth day -- Let there be direction -- Guidance -- The fifth day -- Let there be life -- Community -- The sixth day, morning -- Let there be more life -- Authority -- The sixth day, afternoon -- Let them be made in my image -- Legacy -- The seventh day -- God rested -- Renewal.

A handful of quiet : happiness in four pebbles

January 18, 2018
Nĥát Hạnh, Thích.
Berkeley, CA : Plum Blossom Books, ©2012.
62 pages : color illustrations ; 15 cm
Flower, mountain, water, space -- Drawing meditation -- Pebble meditation -- Pebble meditation practice sheet -- Pebble meditation cards -- Making a pebble meditation bag -- Breathing in, breathing out -- Resources for family practice.
"A fun, unique, and innovative method of introducing children to the practice of meditation"--Back cover.

Lift up your heart : a 10-day personal retreat with St. Francis De Sales

January 18, 2018
Francis, de Sales, Saint, 1567-1622, author.
Notre Dame, Indiana : Ave Maria Press, [2017]
xviii, 171 pages ; 18 cm
To begin -- The first meditation: on our creation -- The second meditation: on the end for which we were created -- The third meditation: on God's blessings -- The fourth meditation: on sin -- The fifth meditation: on death -- The sixth meditation: on judgment -- The seventh meditation: on hell -- The eighth meditation: on heaven -- The ninth meditation: the election and choice of heaven -- The tenth meditation: the election and choice the soul makes of a devout life.

Live the let-go life : breaking free from stress, worry, and anxiety

January 18, 2018
Prince, Joseph, 1963- author.
x, 294 pages ; 24 cm
Let go -- Experience his quality of life and health -- The way living worry-free -- Walking in the rhythm of grace -- Rest brings God's commanded blessings -- Have a throne attitude -- Tune in to peace -- All-encompassing Shalom -- Peace in your conscience -- Stand still -- Becoming a person of rest -- Hear your way to victory -- The one thing that brings success -- in every area -- Experiencing the blessing in marriage -- Stress-free parenting -- Let go and live long -- You are not alone --Closing words.
Are You Overwhelmed by Stress, Worry, and Anxiety' Unending daily to-do lists. The frantic pace of modern living. The race to stay relevant in the face of disruption. The very real threat of superbugs and terror in our everyday lives...'t's not hard to see why so many people today are experiencing stress, worry, and anxiety attacks. Unfortunately, these aren't simply innocent states of emotion-they can insidiously develop into chronic depression and psychosomatic illnesses, and lead to destructive behaviors. But here's the good news: While stress is depleting and debilitating, it can be defeated and driven from your life. In LIVE THE LET-GO LIFE, Joseph Prince shows you how to beat stress and anxieties that come with the everyday demands and pressures of modern living. Discover how you were not designed by God to live under stress, but called to live the life of rest. You will learn how to let go of stress and see His grace flow unabated in the worry-free areas of your life.

Nurture the wow : finding spirituality in the frustration, boredom, tears, poop, desperation, wonder, and radical amazement of parenting

January 18, 2018
Ruttenberg, Danya, author.
New York, New York : Flatiron Books, 2016.
308 pages ; 19 cm
So much is different now: parental love as a portal to infinity -- Sweeping Cheerios from the floor: finding inspiration in the mundane -- Frustration! Anger! Desperation!: transforming hard feelings -- I have so much control over someone's life, but ultimately I have no control: rethinking power and powerlessness -- Speaking on your heart: prayer as lullabye, lullabye as prayer -- Exhaustion and poop: finding meaning in the body stuff -- Pecking under the table: how the magic of child's play can infuse our lives -- It's not about me anymore?: creating a new kind of selfhood -- Seeing everything with new eyes: how parenting changes our vision of the world -- What gives us goose bumps: parenting as a mystical encounter.
"How our experiences as parents can become the path to transcendence"-- Provided by publisher.

Whole : restoring what is broken in me, you, and the entire world

January 18, 2018
Wiens, Steve.
Colorado Springs, CO : NavPress, 2017.
xxiii, 167 pages ; 21 cm
"Look around, and you'll notice: The world is covered with jagged edges. People are broken all over the place. Places are broken all around us. But we were made for better than this: We were made for shalom. We were made to be whole--and to make things whole. This is an empowering journey for those who hunger for a better life, for a better world...for those who want to plant and grow the seeds of restoration in themselves and their communities...and for those who want to see the jagged edges made smooth as we move from brokenness to wholeness."--Back cover.

"Tell it all" : the story of a life's experience in Mormonism : an autobiography

January 18, 2018
Stenhouse, T. B. H., Mrs., 1829-1904.
Hartford, Conn. : A.D. Worthington & Co. [and 4 others], 1875, ©1874.
623 pages, [2] leaves of plates : illustrations, facsimile, portraits ; 23 cm
Copy in Genealogy & Local History Dept., Cincinnati Collection is bound in original leather with leather missing from spine.
"Published by subscription only."

The divine mind : exploring the psychological history of God's inner journey

January 16, 2018
Gellert, Michael, author.
Amherst : Prometheus Books, 2018.
286 pages ; 24 cm
In the beginning -- The irrational nature of God -- Divine wrath -- Divine genocide -- God's Apocalyptic fever -- God's wake-up call -- The return of wisdom -- God's PTSD and other afflictions -- From trauma to redemption -- In the middle -- The flowering of wisdom -- The kingdom of God within -- The face that is everywhere -- The rock of the self -- And in the endlessness -- The splendor of absolute nothingness -- The Incarnation that is always happening -- The beloved -- Reframing the problem of evil -- God's journey as a metaphor of our own -- God in the Hebrew Bible vs. the Old Testament -- Why was nothingness first discovered in the east?

When Christ appears : an inspirational experience through Revelation

January 16, 2018
Jeremiah, David, 1941- author.
243 pages ; 21 cm.

Renegade : Martin Luther, the graphic biography

January 16, 2018
Palmerino, Dacia, author.
155 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 31 cm
"Based on the German edition, Martin Luther, published by Edition Faust in 2016, translated from the Italian by Nicoletta Giacon"--Title page verso.
In dark times -- The lightning bolt -- The monk in Rome -- The freedom of faith -- Money in the coffers -- Face to face with the emperor -- In hiding -- The morning star of Wittenberg -- "Their blood is on my hands" -- A beggar's farewell -- Epilogue: Augsburg, 1555 -- Cast of characters.
"The life of reformer Martin Luther in graphic novel format. Five hundred years ago a brash young monk single-handedly confronted the most powerful institutions of his day. His bold stand sparked the Protestant Reformation and marked one of the great turning points in history"

Awaken : 90 days with the god who speaks

January 12, 2018
Shirer, Priscilla Evans, author.
362 pages ; 23 cm
Ninety devotions from the heart of a mom, wife, encourager, and friend to awaken you each day with fresh insights gleaned from the Scriptures. Ready to help you mine treasures from God's Spirit and fortify you for the day ahead.

A place called heaven : 10 surprising truths about your eternal home

January 12, 2018
Jeffress, Robert, 1955- author.
Grand Rapids, Michigan : BakerBooks, a division of Baker Publishing Group, [2017]
250 pages ; 23 cm
What difference does a future heaven make in my life today? -- Is heaven a real place or is it a state of mind? -- Have some people already visited heaven? -- Do Christians immediately go to heaven when they die? -- What will we do in heaven? -- Do people in heaven know what is happening on Earth? -- Will we know one another in heaven? -- Will heaven be the same for everyone? -- Who will be in heaven? -- How can I prepare for my journey to heaven?
"If any of us learned we were going to move to a foreign country, we'd do everything we could to learn about that place so that we'd be prepared when moving day arrived. As Christians, we know some day we will leave our familiar country and be united with God in heaven. And yet many of us know very little about this place called heaven. In this enlightening book, bestselling author Dr. Robert Jeffress opens the Scriptures to unpack ten surprising truths about heaven and explain who we will see there and how we can prepare to go there someday. Perfect for believers or skeptics who are curious about heaven."

Inside the soul of Islam: a unique view into the love, beauty, and wisdom of Islam for spiritual seekers of all faiths

January 12, 2018
Yusaf, Mamoon, author.
xviii, 301 pages ; 26 cm
"lslam is currently the most spoken about religion in the Western world, and yet it is also the most misunderstood and misinterpreted. Despite frequent news coverage, we remain poorly informed about the true beliefs at the heart of Islam. How many of us would be able to explain who the Prophet Muhammad was or what the Quran actually teaches? In this profound yet highly accessible book, practicing Muslim Mamoon Yusaf provides a vital introduction to the essential teachings of Islam. In each short chapter he focuses on a core teaching from the Quran, such as loving kindness, resilience, gratitude or forgiveness, and shares his unique insight into how these teachings can lead to spiritual evolution in anyone, regardless of their beliefs, religion or background. Mamoon also considers the role of women in Islam, as well as the true nature and meaning of the words jihad and Shariah. Finally, touching upon current events, he demonstrates how acts of violence committed in the name of Islam are inherently un-Islamic, and boldly concludes not only that Islam is not the cause of terrorism--Islam contains the cure for it" -- Provided by publisher.

Practical magic : a beginner's guide to crystals, horoscopes, psychics & spells

January 11, 2018
Van De Car, Nikki, author.
Philadelphia : Running Press, [2017]
152 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
Healing for hedge witches. Chakras -- Crystals -- Auras -- Magic for the weekend Wiccan. Healing with herbs -- Plant-based magic -- Pagan holidays -- White magic -- Casual clairvoyance. Tarot -- Astrology -- Palmistry -- Dream interpretation.
An introduction to the world of modern magic with sections on spiritual awareness, spellcraft, divination methods, and rituals.

The illustrated Mahabharata : a definitive guide to India's greatest epic

January 11, 2018
509 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), color maps ; 31 cm.
Includes index.
Take a fresh look at India's great epic with The Illustrated Mahabharata and rediscover the lost kingdoms, dynasties, and characters of the Mahabharata. Follow the tale as it unfolds through 18 parvas with stunning photographs, paintings, sculptures, and historical artefacts. Discover the principal characters of the Mahabharata and their family trees, and understand key moments from the birth of Pandavas and Kauravas to the death of the elders. Know the Mahabharata with this beautiful retelling of India's greatest epic.

Whisper : how to hear the voice of God

January 11, 2018
Batterson, Mark, author.
Colorado Springs, CO : Multnomah, 2017.
210 pages ; 22 cm
The Tomatis effect -- The power of a whisper -- The bravest prayer -- The voice -- The whispering spot -- The seven love languages -- Sign language -- The key of keys-scripture -- The voice of gladness-desires -- The door to Bithynia-doors -- Dreamers by day-dreams -- Hidden figures-people -- The archer's paradox-promptings -- Joystick-pain -- The whisper test-God is love.
"God still speaks. Do you know how to hear His voice? The voice that spoke the cosmos into existence is the same voice that parted the Red Sea and made the sun stand still in the midday sky. One day this voice will make all things new, but it's also speaking to you now! That voice is God's voice, and what we've learned from Scripture is that He often speaks in a whisper. Not to make it difficult to hear Him, but to draw us close. Many people have a tough time believing God still speaks. Sure, in ancient times and in mysterious ways, God spoke to HIs people, but is He still speaking now? Mark Batterson certainly believes so. And he wants to introduce you to the seven love languages of God; each of them unique and entirely divine. Some of them you might expect but others will suprise you."-- Page [4] of cover.

Loved baby : 31 devotions helping you grieve and cherish your child after pregnancy loss

January 11, 2018
Philpott, Sarah.
Racine, Wisconsin : Broadstreet Pub Group Llc, 2017.
175 pages ; 19 cm.
Close to one in four American women experience the silent grief of pregnancy loss. Loved Baby offers much-needed support to women in the middle of psychological and physiological grief as a result of losing an unborn child.

Secular Buddhism : imagining the Dharma in an uncertain world

January 11, 2018
Batchelor, Stephen, author.
x, 285 pages ; 22 cm
Introduction: In search of a voice -- Looking for Ñāṇavīra. Existence, enlightenment, and suicide ; "A much younger man, but no less charming" -- Buddhism 2.0: A secular Buddhism -- Thinking out loud. Rebirth: a case for Buddhist agnosticism ; Creating sangha ; The agnostic Buddhist ; The other enlightenment project ; What's wrong with conversion? ; Limits of agnosticism ; A secular Buddhist ; A mindful nation? -- Conversations. The eclectic cleric ; Study and practice ; After Buddhism -- Art and imagination. A convenient fiction ; A democracy of the imagination ; Seeing the light ; A cosmos of found objects ; An aesthetics of emptiness.
As the practice of mindfulness permeates mainstream Western culture, more and more people are engaging in a traditional form of Buddhist meditation. However, many of these people have little interest in the religious aspects of Buddhism, and the practice occurs within secular contexts such as hospitals, schools, and the workplace. Is it possible to recover from the Buddhist teachings a vision of human flourishing that is secular rather than religious without compromising the integrity of the tradition? Is there an ethical framework that can underpin and contextualize these practices in a rapidly changing world? In this collected volume of Stephen Batchelor's writings on these themes, he explores the complex implications of Buddhism's secularization. Ranging widely-from reincarnation, religious belief, and agnosticism to the role of the arts in Buddhist practice-he offers a detailed picture of contemporary Buddhism and its attempt to find a voice in the modern world.

A world ablaze : the rise of Martin Luther and the birth of the Reformation

January 11, 2018
Harline, Craig, author.
300 pages : illustrations, portraits, facsimiles, maps ; 24 cm
A word before -- Curtain up: a Hebrew-reading knight -- Theses, theses everywhere -- A most vehement papist -- To heaven in a bathing cap -- Not exactly ivory towers -- The lion stirs -- The rose of gold -- Cooked goose -- Wild boar -- Little flea -- Bonfire of inanities -- God help me -- No more hours -- Curtain down: a new habit -- A word after.
"October 2017 marks five hundred years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg and launched the Protestant Reformation. At least, that's what the legend says. But with a figure like Martin Luther, who looms so large in the historical imagination, it's hard to separate the legend from the life, or even sometimes to separate assorted legends from each other. Over the centuries, Luther the man has given way to Luther the icon, a polished bronze figure on a pedestal. In A World Ablaze, Craig Harline introduces us to the flesh-and-blood Martin Luther. Harline tells the riveting story of the first crucial years of the accidental crusade that would make Luther a legendary figure. He didn't start out that way; Luther was a sometimes-cranky friar and professor who worried endlessly about the fate of his eternal soul. He sought answers in the Bible and the Church fathers, and what he found distressed him even more -- the way many in the Church had come to understand salvation was profoundly wrong, thought Luther, putting millions of souls, not least his own, at risk of damnation. His ideas would pit him against numerous scholars, priests, bishops, princes, and the Pope, even as others adopted or adapted his cause, ultimately dividing the Church against itself. A World Ablaze is a tale not just of religious debate but of political intrigue, of shifting alliances and daring escapes, with Luther often narrowly avoiding capture, which might have led to execution. The conflict would eventually encompass the whole of Christendom and served as the crucible in which a new world was forged. The Luther we find in these pages is not a statue to be admired but a complex figure -- brilliant and volatile, fretful and self-righteous, curious and stubborn. Harline brings out the immediacy, uncertainty, and drama of his story, giving readers a sense of what it felt like in the moment, when the ending was still very much in doubt. The result is a masterful recreation of a momentous turning point in the history of the world." -- Publisher's description.

The burnout cure : an emotional survival guide for overwhelmed women

January 10, 2018
De Azevedo, Julie, author.
135 pages ; 23 cm
Cure 1 : Feel and express a full range of emotions -- Cure 2 : Give yourself permission to say an inspired "no" -- Cure 3 : Do your emotional family history -- Cure 4 : Take responsibility for your own happiness -- Cure 5 : Practice being kind to yourself -- Cure 6 : Learn to ask for and accept help.
Wife, mother, clinical counselor, and musician, author Julie de Azevedo Hanks discusses how an LDS woman can balance the desire to serve others with caring for her own personal needs.

Happiness in this life : a passionate meditation on earthly existence

January 8, 2018
Francis, Pope, 1936- author.
viii, 259 pages ; 20 cm
Introduction: The path of happiness -- Part I. Your search for a meaningful life -- Dreams and plans for the future -- The secret of life -- Free and liberated people -- Part II. You and others: happiness in your relationships -- Let your light be contagious -- The family: life's bounty -- Successful lives: when the Lord's call is answered with joy -- The blessings and challenges of womanhood -- Part III. A hundredfold reward--plus suffering -- Beyond tears and loneliness -- From errors to forgiveness -- A hundred eternities -- Part IV. They who pray live serenely -- Prayer completes us -- Pope Francis's prayers for a fulfilling life.
"A collection of homilies, speeches, and 'messages of the day' that brings together Pope Francis's wisdom on finding happiness in the here and now. For Pope Francis, the appreciation of our everyday lives is a spiritual undertaking. Joy is a divine attribute, and creating joy around us an essential part of faith. Every homily and speech in this book delivers, in warm, engaging language accessible to believers and nonbelievers alike, a key lesson, instructing readers on finding love and happiness in a chaotic world. Along the way, Pope Francis discusses the sanctity of women's rights, talks about how the love of sports can bring out our best qualities, and explains why fighting discrimination is the essence of loving thy neighbor. He shares personal stories and anecdotes from his life, provides comforting messages of hope, and discusses the ways flawed families can make you a better person. The core ideas of Francis's papacy--mercy, support for marginalized people, and diplomacy--shine through."--Dust jacket flap.

Moral combat : how sex divided American Christians and fractured American politics

January 8, 2018
Griffith, R. Marie (Ruth Marie), 1967- author.
xx, 395 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
The battle over birth control in the roaring twenties -- Censorship of literature and popular entertainments -- Segregation and race mixing in the early Civil Rights era -- The Kinsey revolution and challenges to female chastity -- Sex education in the sixties and the surging Religious Right -- The abortion war before and after Roe v. Wade -- Sexual harassment at century's end -- Same-sex marriage and LGBT rights in the new millennium.
"A sweeping account of religious conflict that produced our culture wars concerning gay marriage, transgender rights, birth control--sex is at the heart of many of the most divisive political issues of our age. The origins of these conflicts, lie in sharp disagreements that emerged among American Christians a century ago. From the 1920s onward, a once-solid Christian consensus regarding gender roles and sexual morality began to crumble, as liberal Protestants sparred with fundamentalists and Catholics over questions of obscenity, sex education, and abortion. Both those who advocated for greater openness in sexual matters and those who resisted new sexual norms turned to politics to pursue their moral visions for the nation. Moral Combat is a history of how the Christian consensus on sex unraveled, and how this unraveling has made our political battles over sex so ferocious and so intractable"--Provided by publisher.

The book of Luke : a new translation with commentary ; Jesus spirituality for everyone

January 4, 2018
Nashville, Tennessee : Turner Publishing, 2018.
xxxi, 183 pages ; 24 cm

Greatest love : unblock your life in 30 minutes a day with the power of unconditional love

January 3, 2018
Sha, Zhi Gang, author.
Dallas, TX : BenBella Books, Inc., [2017]
xii, 115 pages : illustrations ; 16 cm.
What is greatest love (Da Ai) -- The power and significance of greatest love (Da Ai) -- What is Tao Source calligraphy? -- Apply Tao Source calligraphy to enrich and bless your life -- Chant and trace Tao calligraphy to serve humanity and Mother Earth.

See how she loves us : fifty approved apparitions of Our Lady

December 28, 2017
Cruz, Joan Carroll, 1931- author.
xiii, 255 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 22 cm
"Apparitions organized by country": pages 249-252.

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