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cover image of Contagion


Erin Bowman

The first book in a duology, this sci-fi thriller from Bowman (Retribution Rails, 2017) is an action-packed adventure full of thrills, suspense and horror. In the Trios planetary system, an ambitious science-loving teen, Althea Sadik, works as an intern for a multi-billion-dollar drilling conglomerate. When a storm forces the evacuation of the facility, most of the crew returns home, but Althea and fellow worker Nova board the Odyssey to investigate a distress call from the planet Achlys. When they arrive, the girls discover that the inhabitants of the base are all dead. As they try to piece together what happened, Althea and Nova are confronted by a zombie-like outbreak that forces them to battle a monstrous enemy.

cover image of Endless Water, Starless Sky

Endless Water, Starless Sky

Rosamund Hodge

In Hodge’s stunning sequel to Bright Smoke, Cold Fire (2016), Juliet Catresou is in love with Mahyanai Romeo the son of a rival clan and their forbidden romance has hastened the end of a dying world. Now the walls of Viyara, a city surrounded by the undead are falling faster than ever. Juliet is trapped and unaware that Romeo is alive. In order to keep the revenants at bay and to stave off the end of the world, she's forced to sacrifice her own family. Romeo learns that Juliet is alive and realizes she may be duty-bound to kill him for the destruction he’s brought to her clan. When their paths cross once again, only a journey into death will save Romeo and Juliet. But will either of them make it out alive?

cover image of I Am Still Alive

I Am Still Alive

Kate Alice Marshall

Marshall’s captivating and suspenseful debut is a heart-pounding story of survival and revenge in the unforgiving wilderness. Already devastated from the car accident that killed her mother and left her leg badly injured, Jess Cooper is sent to an isolated cabin in Northern Canada to live with Carl, the father she hasn’t seen in years. Just as she's beginning to get to know him, men from Carl's past unexpectedly appear at the cabin and Jess is forced to hide in the woods with her father's dog Bo. She watches in horror as they murder Carl and burn down the cabin. With a few supplies salvaged from the fire, Jess sets out to do the only thing she can—survive. She has to because she knows who killed her father and she wants revenge!

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